Why China Has Better Mobile Technology Talents Than India?

The industry has been debating decades for outsourcing to India vs. China? Chinese currency has elevated against dollars since recent global recession. It is certainly making talents relative more expensive in China for Western nations. One may argue that India wins the cost saving competition in the near future.

There are however cases where China is beating India for service oriented offshore outsourcing. Not BPO, not ITO, maybe CRO, but most definitely mobile technology outsourcing. So, let’s look at a few factors leading to my argument.

China has been the ‘world’s factory" over the last 20 years, from textile, toy, auto parts, to high tech devices. The official statistics of 2008 from Chinese government indicated high-tech products in China has an export volume of USD 347.8 billion. Such astonishing number makes China second place worldwide for high tech manufacture scale, and first in global market share. There are also 3 of the top embedded equipment manufacturers in China such as Huawei, ZTE and Hair. Therefore, it is not hard to image why China has greater resources and know how to support embedded software developements in smartphone devices comparing to India.

Although India is known for application development outsourcing, China has better ecosystem for mobile application developments. By April 2009, there are total of 678.8 million mobile phone subscribers in China. The scale of Chinese mobile market is explosive considering there are only around 300 million total populations in the United State.

China is laying out massive infrastructure to meet its growing network demands. Beginning in 2009, 3 largest mobile operators in China will invest combined of $30 billion dollars on 3G network infrastructure over the next few years. It will certainly stimulate the entire industry value chain. Downstream software vendors can ride on the trend and strengthen mobile technology capabilities. It will not only help them profit from domestic opportunities but also give them an edge over Indian providers. Perhaps most importantly, it gives technical talents in China broader adoption to 3G access as end users than India. It will help them to innovate when developing mobile products for clients oversea.

More over, video game today is the most popular application on smartphones. China’s online gaming industry has promising growth with projection to reach $3 billion dollars by 2010. China is a great source of talents for anyone interested in building games on mobile devices. So, should you outsource to India or China? Let the argument begins.

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Article Source: Why China Has Better Mobile Technology Talents Than India?