Traveling to the Beijing Olympics? Study Chinese!

The date August 8, 2008 for this year’s Summer Olympics was chosen for a reason – this is an extremely significant day for the Chinese. If you’re one of the lucky people traveling to China to watch the XXIX Olympiad, study Chinese and follow these tips for acceptable actions in China.

Know the Rules

Olympic tourists in China are given a list of dos and don’ts. Keep in mind that both the Chinese and foreigners alike need to comply with China’s extremely rigid laws, even if camaraderie and freedom is promoted by the Olympics. To prevent inconveniences, you should abide by these laws.

Studying Chinese quickly can greatly help you since this list is in Chinese. With conversational Chinese, you can make yourself understood when you are asked questions, in need of help, or lost.

Military bases and other areas are declared by the government as off-limits. Visitors with mental handicaps, STDs, and anti-China opinions will not be tolerated. Hence, your ability to study Chinese quickly might spell the difference between having your visa granted and getting you deported most quickly.

Areas such as military installations have been declared by the Chinese government as off-limits. Sexually transmitted diseases, mental handicaps, and anti-China opinions are also prohibited. If you learn Chinese, you have a better chance of securing a Chinese visa.

The Culture

Studying the Chinese culture will take more than a lifetime because it is thousands of years old. But you have to study Chinese culture, even if it only means how to deal with the man on the street in China.

Business relationships typically grow into personal relationships. You have more opportunities of sealing deals on your own terms if you build a warmer personal relationship. Try to engage in banter and show interest in a store keeper when haggling. You are sweetening the sugar, so to speak. Hence, study Chinese in order to bargain and banter.

Personal relationships often stem from business relationships. You have more opportunities of closing deals on your own terms if you build a closer personal relationship. Attempt to engage in banter and show interest in a store owner when haggling. You are sweetening the sugar, in a manner of speaking. In order to converse and bargain, learn Chinese.

If giving out a business card, your name has to be facing the recipient and both arms have to be outstretched. Also, designation and seniority is extremely essential to the Chinese. You’ll earn brownie points by addressing a Chinese national with his proper designation, instead of the common Mister or Miss.

You should give more respect to important people with seniority and rank. Offer gifts, and don’t say no to one that’s offered to you. Most of all, "face" is extremely important, so never embarrass a Chinese person in the presence of others.

Other very essential things to bear in mind involve not mentioning pro-Tibet and pro-Taiwan sentiments, not complimenting the Japanese in any way, not putting down exalted Chinese leaders like Mao Tse Tung, and not plastering a permafrown on your face.

You will do very well to do as the Chinese do when in China. For fluent communication, study Chinese online.

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Article Source: Traveling to the Beijing Olympics? Study Chinese!