There Are Many Effective Chinese Herbs For Arthritis

The use of Chinese herbs for many different diseases has a history of centuries, and also for Arthritis, a debilitating disease of the joints and bones, the Chinese use herbs as and effective treatment. Arthritis is not just one disease there are many different forms and symptoms but it has plagued many people through the ages. Chinese herbs for arthritis have been used to treat sufferers of arthritis by the Chinese but this treatment has also grown in popularity in the western world the last few decades. There are many countries that have a growing use of alternative medicine and some have a real history with the alternative medical powers of herbs.

Alternative medicine have been ridiculed for years and Chinese herbs for arthritis has been attacked at and put away as quackery for years. Now a day there are many studies about the treatment with Chinese herbs that have proven to be very useful.

To get an effective result the Chinese herbs for arthritis are in most cases mixed together. In comparison with alternative medicine using herbs in other countries, they almost never put the herbs together. There are some Chinese herbs for arthritis that are only used as pain relief and these are not mixed but most are given in combination with others.

The Chinese herbalist examines the patient, ask some questions and diagnoses the problem, after this the ingredients and powders get weight and put together to use as a tea or a tonic. When the mix is to be used as an beverage or tea it might have to be strained before you can drink it.

The dosage and the times you need to take the Chinese herbs for arthritis are prescribed by the herbalist. The combination of chinese herbs for arthritis together created a better efficacy.

What kind of Chinese herbs for arthritis are being used?

Cinnamon (Rou Gui) is a very effective Chinese herb for arthritis. The cinnamon bark is good for the flow of blood and it helps for a better spleen and kidney function. Improving the blood flow is important because it removes blockages and deposits that can be the cause of pain and inflammation in some arthritic conditions.

Angelica (Dong Quai) is a proven to be an effective Chinese herb for arthritis, It is available in Asia but also in Europe and America. Angelica works as an antispasmodic, pain killer and anti-inflammatory treatment. Angelica is almost never used on its own, it is almost always combined with other Chinese herbs for arthritis.

Ginger is a know root that is also used in western alternative medicine and its know to help with arthritis, but there is a rare ginger species that can only be found in some places in China during a specific season that the Chinese use for the treatment of arthritis.

A mix of these herbs is usually used to effectively treat the symptoms caused by arthritis. It controls any negative effects and brings out the positive ones.

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Article Source: There Are Many Effective Chinese Herbs For Arthritis