The Chinese Astrology Romance Compatibility

Exploring the possibility of romance between the 12 animal signs is a very interesting and entertaining way of using a Chinese horoscope. If the love match says that 2 animal signs are compatible, it translates into the happy occasion of love or marriage or romance.

Triangles of Affinity/ Romance Compatibility Triangles

There are four triangles of affinity. The 12 animal signs are divided between these. On the basis of similar thinking patterns and general compatibility, 3 animal signs constitute each triangle.

An atmosphere of harmony, success and endurance in romance is assured between the 3 animals belonging to the same triangle. Happiness is doubled because of similar interests, hobbies, tastes, mutual understanding; a scorching sexual intimacy adds that special spark to the romance.

Minor disputes and niggling problems will always be there. But on the whole, there is a high chance of a long, durable and stable union. These 3 compatible animal signs should go ahead with marriage if there is romance in the air.

This does not however mean that, romantic relations cannot exist between all the Chinese astrology signs.

Horse, Dog and Tiger

Obviously, the most loyal and transparent of the trio is the dog, but it is lacking in the mobility of the horse. Liberty is what they thrive on. They are defiant and like to rebel against injustice, they are full of life, energetic, high spirited, honest, affectionate, loyal, impulsive, idealistic, skilful communicators and love to serve others.

Dragon, Monkey and Rat

They are performance oriented people who love to take initiatives. This group constitutes the most positive and competitive people of the four triangles, with the whole trio being action oriented. They share complementary characteristic traits.

They are commonly perceived as intense, passionate, restless, energetic, dynamic, ambitious, imaginative, and innovative by people. They can’t look beyond progress.

For e.g. Dragon’s courage compensates for rat’s timidity. Monkey and rat possess a lot of cunning. But this negative quality is absent in dragon’s character.

Sheep, Pig and Rabbit

They have a keen sense of aesthetics and are very sensitive. Intelligence is not their forte, but they can be humble. All three of them are flexible, dependent on others, diplomatic, creative with an artistic bent of mind, calm and cool-headed, expressive, intuitive, sensual, emotional, peace loving and seekers of beauty and love.

Snake, Rooster and Ox

They also are endowed with complementary traits like the animal personalities in the 1st triangle of affinity. They are always focused on their goals and ambitions; defeat is something that shatters them. Profoundly thoughtful, meticulous, systematic, determined, dedicated, purposeful, these people are supposed to be steadfast, intellectual, independent-minded, slow but sure and dutiful.

Romance Incompatibility

Romance between snake and pig, dog and dragon, rooster and rabbit, monkey and tiger, sheep and ox and horse and rat is difficult, might turn out to be disastrous and thoroughly sorrowful and it is best to avoid such a match.

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Article Source: The Chinese Astrology Romance Compatibility