The 7 Best 5-Star Hotels in Beijing

If you intend to visit Beijing to watch the Olympics and experience the gathering of nations firsthand, there is no shortage of quality hotels within this great Chinese city for you to select from. In fact, you’ll have numerous 5-star hotels to choose from that will allow you to enjoy a luxurious stay in Beijing as you enjoy the excitement that the Olympics brings.

There are so many quality hotels in Beijing that choosing the right one might seem like an overwhelming task. To help you decide, let’s look at some of the best 5-star hotels in Beijing, comparing their offerings and locations. Most are close to key destinations, tourist attractions and other famous sites. Therefore, you really can’t go wrong with any of these great choices.

1. St. Regis Beijing

The St. Regis Beijing is an elegantly decorated hotel located in the city’s Diplomatic District at 21 Jian Guo Men Wai Avechao. It is known for its tremendous service and luxury. The hotel also has 273 rooms, all of which are fashioned with contemporary amenities. It also offers special rooms for business and social events.

The St. Regis Beijing is conveniently located near to Tian’anmen Square, Silk Market and the Forbidden City. Closer attractions include The Friendship Store, Temple of Heaven and Ritan Park. The hotel also features a Danieli’s Restaurant on the property, which offers Italian cuisine. Also, the Garden Court restaurant serves international cuisine. Other amenities include a gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis courts and a spa.

2. Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center

The Kempinksi Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center is situated in the Chao Yang District at 50 Liangmaqiao Road. This lovely hotel is known for having a tranquil ambience and offering a great deal of comfort to its guests. There are 526 guest rooms that either overlook the Liangma River or the city’s skyline, which means you can easily find a room with a great view when you stay here.

This hotel is also located near shopping areas, restaurants and local entertainment centers. In addition, its restaurant offers a wide choice of foods, including Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian, South American and Korean foods.

3. Xiyuan Hotel Beijing

The Xiyuan Hotel Beijing is located at 1 Sanlihe Road X’ Yuan in City Centre. It is close to the Ministries of Finance and Construction, Capital Exhibition Centre, the city’s Financial District and the I.T. Zone of Zhong Guan Cun. There are 900 rooms and suites that offer modern amenities within this hotel and its restaurant boasts an offering of Cantonese, Shandong, Western, Continental and Oriental foods.

4. Capital Hotel Beijing

Also located in Beijing’s City Centre is the Capital Hotel Beijing, which is well known for offering the best of hospitality and service. Being in the heart of Beijing, at 3 Qian Men East Street, the hotel is not far from most attractions and shopping destinations. It is close to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. The rooms are large and contemporary. The hotel restaurant offers a variety of food options, ranging from Italian to Korean.

5. Shangri-La Hotel Beijing

Located in the Hai Dian District, the Shangri-La Hotel Beijing stands among landscaped gardens. It is near the financial district and Technology Park. It also is close to the State Guest House and Summer Palace. There are 670 rooms in this hotel, at 29 Zizhuyuan Road. They are described as elegant, private and luxurious. The hotel restaurant serves international foods, including Japanese and Chinese.

6. Shangri-La’s Kerry Centre Hotel Beijing

The hotel is located in the city’s Chao Yang District at 1 Guanghua Road, in the heart of the diplomatic, commercial and financial center. It has a contemporary style and features “Shangri-La hospitality.” The 487-room hotel is not far from main tourist attractions and historical sites. The Coffee Garden and Horizon Chinese Restaurant are among the hotel’s dining offerings.

7. Longxi Hotspring Hotel Beijing

The Longxi Hotspring Hotel Beijing is situated in the city’s Da Xing District at 8 Shunjing Road Panggezhuang, which is in the south of Beijing. This quiet and modern hotel offers four on-site restaurants. These restaurants offer Chinese and American foods, among other styles.

All five-star hotels in Beijing feature similar amenities, including business centers, parking, room service, air conditioning, cable or satellite television, Internet access and phones, among many others.

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