Sri Lanka is Becoming the Shopping Centre of South Asia

Sri Lanka, the navigational hub of the Orient in the ancient world, is an island in the Indian Ocean. From north to south it has a maximum length of 447 km and at its widest point it measures 219 km with a total land area of 65,610 sq km.

The Island enjoys pleasant tropical climate relatively hot in the plains and cooler in the central highlands.

The majority is Singhalese 74 percent who speak an Indo Aryan language called Sinhala. Other major ethnic groups are Tamils and Moors. Majority of the population is Buddhist.

Sri Lanka, the Isle of Serendipity is a tourist paradise with an abundance of tourist attractions like the sunny beaches, glorious ancient cities, salubrious hill country, beautiful fauna and flora, exquisite handicrafts, world renowned gems, traditional dance and drama, colourful festivals, smiling people and not forgetting the mouth watering cuisine.

Sri Lanka is fast becoming the shopping centre of South Asia. It is also the ideal venue for Meetings, Incentive travel, Conferences and Exhibitions in this part of the world. It is the Mother Natures gift to eco tourism enthusiasts.

Over one thousand kilometres of palm fringed sandy beaches encircle the Island. Sri Lanka is never out of season for a beach holiday. There is always some part of the beach that has friendly and warm waters. The beach resorts in the West Coast, South Coast and the East Coast are popular among the tourists who enjoy taking a dip in the warm waters and relaxing on the sandy beach.

Fauna and flora are protected and preserved in several national parks and nature reserves offering the visitor an opportunity to taste the natural beauty. There are eleven such National Parks in the Island but the most popular for viewing animals are the Ruhuna. From the safety of a park bungalow or a covered jeep, visitors can watch several species of animals and birds roaming freely in these extensive reserves

Most Sri Lankan towns, except the larger cities like Colombo and Kandy, are rather low on entertainment. In large hotels, there will often be nightclubs; some hotels, clubs and other venues also offer cultural performances by traditional artistes.

It is fast becoming the shopping centre of South Asia. Several new shopping Malls are opened up in the City offering international brands of mens and womens wear. Garments manufactured in Sri Lanka are of the highest quality which is in great demand in most countries including USA and UK.

Souvenir hunters will find the Handicraft shops including the government handicraft emporium very interesting with a large and wide array of local handicrafts on offer. Tourist shops approved by the Ceylon Tourist Board are found in all tourist resorts.

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Article Source: Sri Lanka is Becoming the Shopping Centre of South Asia