Spice-up Your Meals With A Dash Of Chinese Cooking Sauces!

Think of Chinese cooking methods and you can’t help but imagine putting in a dash of Chinese cooking sauces, which work to balance the flavors in a meal and to bring out the best taste in each ingredient as they release the nutrients and act as a flavoring agent too!

Thus Chinese cooking sauces are an integral part of Chinese cooking and one of the main ingredients of this Oriental culture’s culinary delights, even though most chefs following the American-style of cooking Chinese food first cook up the vegetables and then use various Chinese sauces as an add-on (garnishing and innovating on the existing Chinese recipes). Some of the popular Chinese dishes that make extensive use of Chinese cooking sauces are fried rice, Manchurian and noodles, working to perk their taste and add distinctiveness to the meal.

The Americans refer to the Chinese sauces as dipping sauces since they typically use it as a base to prepare pork and chicken dishes; what began as a sweet and sour sauce used to flavor fish recipes around the world was converted into a ketchup when it came to America and thus we have the now-famous American-Chinese dishes that give a sweet and sour taste, especially Chicken dishes! America regards Chinese dipping sauce, chili-oil based sauces and those with sweet-sour flavorings to be as vital as the oyster sauce and garlic variety and so these do well in most Chinese meals prepared in this continent besides atypical in putting together fried rice and noodle preparations.

Pot stickers and spring rolls are some popular dishes that make extensive use of Chinese dipping sauce’s and at times, these can be served as a flavoring along side other dishes. In the Chinese cooking sauces using Chili oil (obtained from chili peppers), the purpose is to fire-up the dish of stir-fried veggies, rice or meat and bring out the nutrient value, so even a few drops do the trick!

Thus, we find that the use of Chinese cooking sauces extends to daily fare preparation to fancy cooking and even world cuisine since different sauces have distinct properties that can be used to jazz up dishes, lending them a sweet, to sweet-sour or hot element since the essential ingredients are sugar and wedding vinegar, but once tomato sauce has been added to the sweet and sour sauce, you can lick your lips for the most delicious dishes imaginable that can be made with this combo!

Last and most importantly, Chinese cooking sauces are so vital to the concept of easy, quick and authentic flavoring that can be provided for many dishes because they are so simple to use. For example, hot mustard dip tastes great with starters such as spring rolls and egg rolls and garlic sauce (a mix of oyster sauce and finely chopped garlic) is a grand accompaniment for meals too. Mix and match is a theme that works well to build your knowledge of making flavorful dishes with seasonings originating in China but a global taste to the Chinese cooking sauces.

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Article Source: Spice-up Your Meals With A Dash Of Chinese Cooking Sauces!