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It is a shock to first see the recent world color map of CO2, cancer causing coal ash particles in the air. Released from the Royal Netherlands Geographic Institute, the map shows red as most polluted, meaning dark skies at noon, through yellow to gray to light blue to dark blue. The shock is the huge red block of dark sky over east China, showing immediately the most polluted nation on earth. Those cancer fume clouds now reach our shores, and your once pristine walk on a Pacific coast beach now involves your breathing in China coal dust air. Some slow boat from China, it now moves like the wind, which it fills. Enough!

Around most of earth otherwise, dirty air is limited to dots of red, such as two small red dots in India, one in Canada, where the auto industry is. Portions of earth such as most of Canada, Australia and the Sahara are still dark blue, which means the skies are not cloudy all day. The report states that while America and Europe have improved their air quality greatly since the 1970’s, much needs to be done. Most of the oil refinery locations are red, but west of a line from mid Texas up to Minneapolis the blues are at least light, and occasional grays.

Los Angeles is the largest red in the American west, one of the three most polluted cities on earth, yet would disappear in the vast swath of red in east China. Is there any thing any of us can do, down as we are at the bottom of the food decision chain? Yes there is. We can take ourselves back to Happy Days. 1970. When we were all thin, because we all got along with so much less, two ton Bess, or Les. When we ate food at home, organic and not out of a package, which we heard was coming and would laugh about. A people one day so stupid and fat they pay a dollar for five cents worth of cooked noodles and most of the cost in the package? No way.

The way back, is through the door we came in. Except now those doors are at huge warehouse stores, loaded with packaged goods, mostly from China, all marvelous fakes that we clutter our houses, our credit cards, our lives up with. And plenty of packaged food. Stuff we don’t need, can’t afford, will tire of and find it moves slowly at the garage sale because everyone else now has one in their own garage sale. Are we blind? Did we not go through this with Japan some time ago? We bought all their cheaper goods until they bought up our treasures.

But we could use our minds, and sense where the global ball is going this time and get into position to catch it first. Like the star brilliant mind of a Steve Nash of basketball fame. Think where it is going to go next, grab it, heave it to your tall guy by their net, and that’s how the game gets won. We can do that, if Steve can do that; Steve grew up in my home town of Victoria Canada, so we pay attention. So let us think like an elite athlete, not those huge buggy folks in the discount store line.

This time, pass on your huge discount store buggy, reserve the card for an investment in your retirement, not a lead lined fake, a hindrance to your fate. Clear the mantle piece, and go on the net. Do not buy a fake from a smoke burning factory. Go back in time and buy a true Chinese antiques piece of what they made way back then. Unlike your discount fake, your true antique increases in value every day, even now. But you think of a decade from now, when the people of Shanghai really live at a western level, as in Tokyo today.

Soon enough the new rich of China will look up from their cell phones and new gadgets and notice while their factory spewed CO2 all day, they sold their heritage away. And they will want it back. And you will see that it costs them. You Marco Polo, you. And at that time, when they notice that some foreign person has bought up their family antiques; as with Japan and Taiwan when they got personally rich,they begin to search the earth, paying too much to bring their heirloom treasures back home. Now, the new cell phone is all the rage.

Who cares about grandma’s Ming Vase? I do, you too. They will, and then who has something, that someone newly rich wants? You can say, make me rich, you can have grandma’s clock back. We might talk the same language after all. Thanks for cleaning up those smoke stacks. Well, that last part could happen.

And the earlier part, fakes to riches, well that is up to you. Put up a real comfy chair, look in some Chinese Antiques sites, and in a way, you are Marco Polo again, and anything from his era on this site could sit fine on your mantle, Mickey, making sure you hit your home run.

And so there it sits on your mantle in bliss, now worth two more zeros at the end of it’s worth. You may choose to say no. Come another day, Mr Wong. Take your fake with you. And get filters on those most noxious smoke stacks on earth. Then we could talk about your great grand mother’s Ming vase on my mantle, with the other Chinese antiques. Priceless, are they not?

Derek Dashwood enjoys noticing positive ways we progress, the combining of science into the humanities to measure politics, wise use and mis use of power and protective love at Chinese Antiques

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