Palembang Located Near South China Sea

Palembang located on the southern most rim of the South China Sea, close to one of the worlds busiest shipping lanes linking the Far East with Europe, the regions historical background is rich and colourful.

Temperatures at sea level range from 24 to 33 all year round. Humidity is high. At higher altitudes the temperature drops accordingly. Those who like to scale mountains and there are quite a few mountains to scale in Indonesia need to bring warm clothes for the nights and plenty of water to drink to avoid dehydration.

Indonesia has only two seasons the rainy and the dry season. South from the equator the rainy season generally lasts from November to April. North from the Equator it is from May to October.

The architectural legacy of Dutch colonization is still visible in the city. Deep water port facilities are built along the Musi River, which flows through the city.

This city is famous in Indonesia for its Pempek fish cakes.

The Musi Bridge is the largest bridge in Indonesia.

Masjid Agung Grand Mosque. This mosque has been renovated a few times already. Now it is a very large and beautiful mosque. In some sections of the mosque you can see old style architecture. It is located in front of the main roundabout in Palembang which you will pass coming from the Musi Bridge.

Palembang has attracted tourists from all over the world with its magnificent past and present offering great opportunities for travellers to visit places that are rich in history, culture, and tradition. It is a vibrant city and the surrounding areas spectacular.

No vaccinations are required, except for yellow fever if you arrive within six days of leaving or passing an infected area. It is advisable to get vaccinated against cholera, typhoid and paratyphoid and dont forget a tetanus shot. If you intend to stay for long periods outside the big cities, gammaglobulin injections are recommended. This will reduce the risk of getting infected with hepatitis.

The Culture and Tourism Ministry has set a target of 116 million local tourists visiting various tourist objects in the country in 2007.This target is higher than that of last year which was set at 114 million, Director for Domestic Tourism Promotion Titien Soekarya stated. Titien said that Indonesia had big tourism potentials which had not yet been exploited so far. Most of local tourists only visited the tourist objects in while Indonesia is really rich in attractive places and cultures.

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