Outsourcing and International Shipping from China

Employment is a concept that has changed in meaning over the past twenty-five years. When our parents were young, being employed meant financial stability and assured success in life. Getting that steady job was an accomplishment that gave you peace of mind and enabled you to plan for a home and a family. Working forty years for one company and retiring with a pension was a common occurrence. Today, that has all changed.

The internet, outsourcing and international shipping have changed the definition of what it means to be successful. The game is different now and the playing field is nothing like the arena our parents competed and thrived in. Job stability has been eliminated by corporate mergers and automation. To survive, it is necessary to find something else to focus your energy on.

Sixteen months ago, I was operating a call center business that was going down the tubes rapidly. I was dumping money into it to keep it afloat and it just continued to drown in the flood waters of corporate giants. Inevitably, I went bankrupt and had to close the doors. A close friend came to me in my time of need and starting talking to me about outsourcing and international shipping of products manufactured in China to consumers in the United States. Knowing that I had experience in marketing and solid computer skills he offered to finance an experiment involving the creation of a unique piece of jewelry and the setting up of manufacturing and international shipping sources.

I went on line and found that everything I needed to get going was there at my fingertips. I was new to the world of e-commerce but the world wasn’t and soon I was getting quotes from a number of jewelry manufacturers in China. They each had a method of international shipping that they employed but I checked into other options just to make sure that I was getting the best possible price available. Then I built a website and launched my new business.

I’d like to say that I became a millionaire overnight but that is not the case. This particular venture was moderately successful and continues to bring in a small income on a fairly regular basis. The real value of it has been in the experience of setting it up. Learning how e-commerce works and negotiating manufacturing and distribution costs has been an eye-opener for me and has ensured that I will never again be at the mercy of those corporate giants who put me under last year. All I need is a good idea, a dependable and affordable manufacturer, and a reliable international shipping company and I can make a profit.

International shipping can be tricky so hiring a company that has experience with it is an important part of the success of any business operating in more than one country. International shipping from China can be expensive and needs to be channeled through the proper exit and entry ports to be cost effective. A professional international shipping company can provide you with more information.

Nir Dotan is a writer and promoter of Moving services, and Omega Shipping Local as well as International Moving.

Article Source: Outsourcing and International Shipping from China