Memorial Day Weekend At Qingdao, China

Qingdao is famous for its unique natural beauty, cultural significance, multi-national architectures, festivals that are colorful, celebrations and religious culture. The tourism sector was able to be converted into a service system where all the major six elements of that of accommodation, transport, shopping, dining, entertainment and sight seeing are covered. Here there are 136 travel agencies in which 12 of them are conducting international business. When accommodation is considered there are 38 star rated hotels in Qingdao in which 2 of them are five star hotels. The total tourism infrastructure is simply great. Transportation is the most recognized among the infrastructures. There is a first class national port in Qingdao along with an airport. The major tourist attractions include Mount Tai, Penglai, Qufu etc.

The local culture of this place has got significant part in the development of tourism. There are lots of traditional art and opera forms in Qingdao. Among this the Taoist music of mount Laoshan is the most remarkable one. Mao tune is an opera practiced in the area which also us a wonderful attraction for tourists. Willow tune is yet another of these art forms which is now a days practiced by professional groups. Quyi is a form of comic dialogue presentation. Yanggo is a type of folk dances and tunes. These are all some of those attractive art forms which captures the attraction of tourists.

There are also many forms of folk customs that are center to the tourist attractions. The oriental cherry fair is one such folk custom that has a long history with it. This is held during the months of April and May. The grape festival is also an attractive folk custom which is held every September of a year. Sugar coated Haws fair is again a folk custom. Many pilgrims come to take part in this fair. Many different types of art forms, handicrafts and performances are shown in this fair. The radish and Glutinous Rice Dumpling fair is organized in the first lunar month. The uniqueness of Qingdao is shown to the outside world through this fair.

A lot of festivals add to the glory and booming of tourism in the region. Among this the Qingdao international beer festival is one that is most popular. It starts from the last week of August of every year and lasts for 22 days. There are fireworks, military band, color flags teams and folk custom shows in the festival. Yet another one is the Qingdao ocean festival. It is usually held every July. The main aim of this festival is to present Qingdao as a tourist city and that too a seashore city. There are lots of cultural activities and marine technology activities along with sea sports held during the festival. The oriental cherry tour which is held every April and May is one among the festivals that attracts tourists. The golden fall tour, the summer arts festival, and tourist festival are all some of these.

Transportation is not a problem for the tourists who arrive there. There is a long distance bus station, railway station and express ways for the benefit of transporters in Qingdao. The public transport system is the very best example and is the second best in China after Shanghai. The Taxi system is also of excellent quality which is also cost affordable too. There are lots of hot spots for shopping and eating as many restaurants are available at a reasonable cost. Temperature is also very much suited for tourism with reasonable humidity and pretty good rainfall. Thus in all Qingdao is a hot spot for all those tourists who love culture and hence there is every reason to go for a Memorial Day weekend in Qingdao.

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Article Source: Memorial Day Weekend At Qingdao, China