Living in Beijing Condominiums

The capital of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing is one of the imposing cities in the world. Located in the Northeast China, Beijing serves as the cultural, economic, and political center of the nation.

One of the four ancient capitals of China, the city is much famed for its imperial past, and has to its credit a large number of gorgeous showplaces and sites of historical significance, such as the Palace Museum of the Forbidden City, the Museum of Chinese History, and Qianmen preserving such attractions as the Tongrentang Traditional Medicine Shop, established in 1669. Then, not to mention about its present modern life, providing incredible opportunities.

Beijing is now a well-planned city, which is a prime center of commerce and entertainment. In addition, Beijing serves as one of the nation’s prominent transportation hub, with a large number of roads, railways, and expressways.

Above all, the cost of living in Beijing is tremendously cheap when compared to European and North American cities. Perhaps for these reasons, people prefer to live here. Living in Beijing is not only enjoyable for tourists who want to explore the attractions of the place but also for those who want to settle here permanently, since the business opportunities and accommodation options it renders are unparalleled.

Like any other Asian cities, Beijing renders a variety of accommodation options, from affordably priced apartments and single detached homes to luxury villas and flats located in the city’s posh areas. Condominiums are also considered one of the best accommodation options in Beijing. However, this type of accommodation is quite different from owning or renting other accommodation types, like flats and single homes.

One of the prime features of condominiums or condos is that they are mostly of dual nature, ie, al though, owners hold the title and have control over their units, they share the costs and expenses incurred for the property’s common facilities like lobbies, escalators, and passageways. In addition, they are required to follow the rules and regulations put forward by the condominium association.

Another prime feature of Beijing condominiums is that they are mostly located within the easy reach of all facilities and attractions of the place such as the Great Wall, the Mining Tombs, Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, and Tiananmen Square.

From budget and luxury to single and multi-roomed, a plethora of condominiums are now available in Beijing according to your budget, lifestyle, preference, and number of family members.

Beijing condominiums come in a myriad of forms, including, townhouse, apartment, and sometimes even as a single detached structure. Let it be of any type or size, a condominium complex in Beijing is mostly replete with amenities like comfortable bedrooms with adjustable beds, expansive living rooms, fully equipped kitchen, eco-friendly areas, and ironing boards. Some of the most popular condominium units come attached with high-end facilities like parking areas, game room, laundry facilities, whirlpool spas and saunas, pools, and meeting rooms. Many of them are even attached with facilities like game rooms coupled with tennis courts and gym.

A myriad of benefits can be derived from living in a Beijing condominium. The prime one is that it less expensive, in contrast to other accommodation types. Security is another advantage of condominiums, since there are a large number of neighbours around, apart from facilities like common security monitoring system.

Further, this allows you to go for a tension-free vacation or a business trip. Benefits also include low maintenance and access over common facilities such as pool, library, and elevators. In addition, by living in a Beijing condominium, you become a part of a unique community. Above all, condominiums in Beijing serve as an excellent long term investment.

From the aforesaid discussion, it is evident that no accommodation options can rival the comforts and benefits offered by a Beijing condo unit. However, certain factors should be considered when you decide to choose condominiums as your accommodation option. For instance, there are some condominium units in Beijing that do not allow pets. Some may even impose restrictions on renovations and noise levels. Hence, it must be checked for. The neighborhood, condominium interior and outdoor maintenance fee, parking area, and outdoor space are the other things to be considered for.

Nowadays, owning or renting a condominium in Beijing is no longer a tedious process, since a multitude of real estate firms as well as realtors are in the scenario to render best services. Further, many of them have them have their own websites with expected price, amenities available and pictures of the condominium, which in turn allows for convenient purchasing of a condominium.

Wantanee Khamkongkaew is an independent author evaluating and commenting on leading International Property Consultants in Asia and Greater China, especially CB Richard Ellis.

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