Learn Chinese for the Beijing Olympics

For the Chinese, August 8, 2008 is an extremely auspicious day; hence, why this date was chosen as the opening of the 2008 Summer Olympics. If you’re going to attend the XXIX Olympiad and heading to China for it, know what behavior is acceptable in China, and learn Chinese.

Understand the Rules

Even if the Olympics is supposed to bring the whole world together in unity, there are still numerous laws that have to be followed. China has very rigid rules for both natives and foreigners, and it’ll do you good to learn them to prevent trouble.

You still have to comply with many rules, even if the Olympics is meant to foster unity to the whole world. You’ll do well to avoid trouble by learning China’s very strict laws for both foreigners and locals alike.

Studying Chinese fast can considerably assist you since this list is in Chinese. With basic Chinese, you can make yourself understood when you are asked questions, in need of help, or lost.

The Chinese government have declared certain areas such as military installations off-limits to foreigners. STDs, mental handicaps, and anti-China sentiments are also banned. You will have a good chance of getting a Chinese visa if you learn Chinese.

Understand the Culture

Chinese culture has been in existence for several millenia. Learning portions of this culture will help you deal with the Chinese people.

Personal relationships normally stem from business relationships. In China, the more you build a close personal relationship, regardless of how fleeting, the more chances to seal a deal on your own terms. Therefore, even if you are bargaining with a store owner, try to engage in small talk that expresses a social interest in him, which is possibly the best way how to study Chinese. You’re sweetening the sugar, so to speak. Therefore, learn Chinese in order to bargain and chat.

Give out your business card with both arms outstretched and your name facing the recipient. Also, the Chinese are very particular on seniority and designation. Addressing a Chinese national with his proper designation and not only the common Mister or Miss will earn you brownie points.

Respect should be shown in terms of seniority and rank. "Face" is very important, so never humiliate a Chinese in front of others. Leave your terseness and tactlessness at home. Also, offer small gifts as tokens of appreciation and do not refuse a gift.

The more important the person is in rank and seniority, the more you must give respect. Don’t refuse a present that is given to you, and you have to also offer gifts yourself. Most importantly, never embarrass a Chinese person in public because "face" is very important to them.

Also remember not to walk around with a permafrown on your face, put down Mao Tse Tung and other revered Chinese leaders, praise the Japanese in any way, and air pro-Taiwan and pro-Tibet sentiments.

When in China, you’ll do very well to do as the Chinese do. For fluent communication, study Chinese online.

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