Importance Of Blue Dragon in Chinese Astrology

The Dragon occupies an important position in the life of the Chinese people and has also gained prominence in the Chinese stories and myths. Dragons are thus made a part of the Chinese astrology where importance is given to the blue Dragon. The Chinese people believe that the blue Dragon is full of power and strength and is the creator of division in the sky over China. This powerful Dragon also controls the stars through their movements in the sky. Blue Dragon is also the symbol of spring and so it has been taken as a Chinese animal zodiac sign.

The Chinese zodiac system is based on the twelve animal signs and the character of the person is influenced by the characteristics of the animal under whose zodiac sign the person is born. A person born under the sign of the blue Dragon will always be full of strength and power as the blue Dragon represents these two qualities. The compatible animal signs with the blue Dragon are the rat and the monkey.

The Chinese astrology also takes into consideration the five important elements like water, metal, earth, wood and fire and each element is represented by a color so the blue Dragon represents water which is also blue. This is the reason that in Chinese astrology the blue Dragon is also known as the water Dragon. The basic features that are connected with water as an element are strong intuition and excellent communication skills.

The periodic cycle of Chinese astrology is of sixty years and the animal zodiac sign pairs in rotation with the five elements during these sixty years. The blue Dragon had paired up with water 60 years back in 1952 and the same combination will again be visible in the year 2012. The people who are born during the period when the Dragon pairs up with water element have special traits of being good administrators or managers especially in the management services. Some of the other careers in which they can attain success is the profession of a lawyer, artist or actor.

The blue Dragon is also considered to be very independent by nature and so always prefers the role of a leader. The common features that are found in the people who were born under the sign of the blue Dragon are generosity, creativity, advanced mental approach due to open-mindedness and independent nature. It is also believed that the Dragon always likes to be free and hates following any rules and regulations that binds them to do a particular action. The people who are born under the Dragon sign are extrovert by nature and also very ambitious.

The blue Dragon in Chinese astrology can be compared to Leo, Aries or Sagittarius in the zodiac signs that are used by most of the people all over the world. The people who are born under the blue Dragon sign have a creative quality which they can utilize in every field related to their life even when they have to give a solution for any kind of problem.

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Article Source: Importance Of Blue Dragon in Chinese Astrology