How to Wash & Care for Fine China Dinnerware

Whether you received your fine china dinnerware as a wedding gift or it was handed down to you by a family member, it is indeed precious and you should do all you can to prolong its life and beauty. Unlike other more durable dinnerware, fine china needs extra care to keep it looking good. If you have fine china dinnerware and are afraid to use it before you don’t even know how to being to take care of it, here are some tips to help you wash and care for your fine china dinnerware, so you won’t be afraid to use it. Because after all, what good is fine china dinnerware if you can’t use it?

Preparing Your China For Cleaning

After dinner, you should refrain from scraping off food with anything metal. Instead use something soft that won’t scratch the finish, like a rubber spatula. You should then rinse the dinnerware of any excess food shortly after eating. Acidic foods like spaghetti sauce can stain your fine china if left on for long periods of time. You should then prepare your sink for the fragile fine china by lining it with a soft towel or rubber mat. Doing this will keep your fine china from getting dings and scratches. You should remember to never stack your fine china dinnerware in the sink as they could hit one another and break.

Washing Fine China Dinnerware

In terms of cleansing agents, you should stick to mild detergents. It’s best to stay away from abrasive or harsh cleansing agents as they can really cause the finish to fade over time. You should also only use a sponge or soft dish cloth. Anything scratchy or rough shouldn’t be used as it will indefinitely be harmful to the glossy finish of the china. Another key thing to remember when washing fine china dinnerware with a metal rim or metal detailing is to not use hot water. Hot water usage can cause the metal to fade and chip. When washing each piece, you should slide the china into the water to allow time for the temperature to evenly distribute. Quick temperature changes can cause china to crack and break.

China Care Tips

You should always hand dry your fine china dinnerware to avoid water spots. When you’re putting the china away, you should use extreme caution when stacking. If you want to be extra careful, place doilies or rubber jar rings between each plate. Fine china cups are easily broken as well, so don’t stack them or hand them from hooks. You should simply dedicate a shelf for them and line them up in a row. In addition, you should keep your fine china dinnerware at moderate temperatures, as extreme temperatures can be very harmful. If you do start to notice fine, spidery cracks in the surface of your china you can sometimes repair these by placing the item in a pan of warm milk for around 30 minutes. If the cracks are indeed on the surface they should vanish.

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Article Source: How to Wash & Care for Fine China Dinnerware