How To Search and Compare Flights To China

They say progress eventually obliterates heritage. But anyone who has had a chance to experience the stunning vistas of the fourth largest country in the world (in terms of area) would know that China presents itself as an exception to the aforementioned statement. With a continuous civilization aging back to over 6000 years and a metropolitan life second to none, China is one destination that will soothe your nerves and amaze your mind.

A decade or so ago, perhaps, travelling back and forth across the world was an option available for the extremely rich. Today, with flight charges being extremely cheap, the only decision you have to make is picking your holiday spot. Some would say that in such a situation, when we are all spoilt for choice, it would be a significant loss if you haven’t seen for yourself the only manmade structure that is visible from the moon. The interesting fact is that the Great Wall of China is just one of the jaw-dropping sights in the mystical land of China. What’s more, is that the food and accommodation are extraordinarily cheap, and in that way, China is a place that is ideally suited for a low budget holiday or a student sightseeing trip.

Beijing, home of the eagerly awaited 2008 Summer Olympics, is one of the most awe-inspiring destinations within China. Cheap flights to Beijing from London, Bristol, Birmingham, or wherever you are, exist in plenty. One sight you ought to make sure to experience in Beijing after disembarking from the China flight is the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Built in 1420, the Temple of Heaven was used by the old Chinese Emperors to engage in prayers for good harvests. Visually stupendous and emotionally inspiring, the Temple of Heaven is one of the must-see sights during a China travel. If you’ve only heard about the Forbidden City in Beijing, the expectations you have during the flights from UK to China will pale in comparison to the actual experience of witnessing the scene. It was once the Chinese Imperial Palace for over 500 years and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Sight. The vast expanses of palatial area and the breathtaking design of the Forbidden City is an experience that will definitely make it as one of the highlights of your China holidays and your travelling history.

If you take a flight to Shanghai, China, a different kind of beauty awaits you. A futuristic spread of skyscrapers and stunningly designed buildings along the banks of the beautiful Yangtze River delta will definitely take your breath away. Once you disembark and begin to enjoy the sights of Shanghai, you will learn that the anticipation that grew during the China flight is fully satisfied. Whether it’s the Donghai Bridge, the longest cross-sea bridge in the world, the remarkable Jing’an Temple, or the mystical Xujiahui Cathedral, the sights in Shanghai are almost enough to keep your China holidays lively and exciting.

With a vast selection of cheap flights to Hong Kong, whether it’s flights from London to Hong Kong or from other parts of the world, tourists from all around find themselves flocking to this spectacular location. Victoria Peak, the highest mountain in Hong Kong, is a location synonymous with tourism. It is also the chief reason why the night view of Hong Kong is regarded as the amongst the world’s best sights. The view of Hong Kong from atop the Victoria Peak, especially in the night, has often been described as one of the most perfect city sights one can see anywhere. For people from the West, by hopping on a China Flight and getting down at Hong Kong, the unique blending of East and West will prove to be quite a refreshing experience. A change of culture can at times be felt at the turning of a corner. With traditional Chinese sights on some street corners, and completely Western sights on another, like an English-style pub, or a Catholic Church, or a movie theatre showing English movies, the East-West fusion works remarkably well.

Indulging in a China travel experience doesn’t merely mean journeying from one spectacular place to the other. You can also make your China holidays one great adventure by engaging in trekking or backpacking through different places like Lijiang, Langmusi, Sanjiang, or Songpan to name a few. Another reason why tourists would consider taking China flights, especially in 2008, is owing to the massively anticipated Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, which would be nothing short of extraordinary. Cheap flights to China are just the start of a great holiday. Great cuisine at affordable prices, hotels ranging from the luxurious to the lavishly affordable, mystical sights that will stir the inherent spirituality within all of us, astonishing city sights, fun adventures, and awe-inspiring sceneries including the Great Wall of China—however, what makes China an even more appealing tourist destination are the hospitable and friendly people who are only more than willing to reveal their rich cultural heritage to the rest of the world. That’s what makes China not just one of the largest countries in the world, but also one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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