HGH Legal Facts : Beijing Athletes and HGH

The exciting 2008 Olympics that was held in Beijing is already over, but there are still gossips about the non-stop tests made by the International Olympic Committee to make sure that Human Growth Hormone (HGH) was not used by any of the participating athletes. Before the games were over, the committee was on its busiest days to acquire and examine over 500 blood tests to look for any trace of HGH. In the end, not a single trace of positive HGH was detected.

The reason for going through this trouble? HGH is highly publicized to be used by many athletes to improve their performance. Because it is challenging to detect and has very limited side effects, HGH is seen as the most ideal drug for athletes.

Body builders will surely enjoy the benefits of HGH if used with other anabolic agents. HGH provides an anabolic effect to users: it gives them muscle mass. HGH supplements increase the body’s ability to break down protein, thus increasing muscle mass. It also enhances hyperplasia, which is a permanent process of increasing muscle cells. In the past years, there have been a number of steroids that were claimed to build muscle cells, but HGH supplements is said to deliver most benefits. With HGH, one can enjoy increased size of existing muscles and the permanent creation of new muscle cells.

HGH also has a quick strengthening effect on tissues such as ligaments, cartilage, and tendons. Injuries are quickly healed and tissues are strengthened, thus minimizing future injuries. Many used HGH along with surgery for the rehabilitation of professional athletes, to make them recuperate faster. The connective tissues produced by HGH supplements make them more attractive than old school steroids, because steroids only affect muscle tissue.

HGH supplements also provide metabolic benefits, including the facilitation of the body’s fat burning mechanism. Taking HGH supplements will trigger the release of fatty radicals from fat storage areas, resulting to the expenditure of fat instead of carbohydrates. This is the reason why athletes can lose extremely high levels of fat while maintaining high levels of energy.

HGH is legal and can be taken easily. As a result, athletes can use medical privacy regulations to avoid illegal charges. Giving a dose of HGH in small amount is effective and minimizes the risk of breaking any law or ethical standard. Due to the amount of stress endured by athletes, their dose of HGH is minimized. The objective of this is to normalize the athlete’s hormonal level. This therapeutic technique provides maximum benefit during the competition season. HGH is intended to aid athletes and not to be abused.

HGH injections are prescribed drugs that are not listed under the Federal State’s Controlled Substances. The US Congress actually considered listing it along with other steroids, but decided not to. Even though HGH is legal in all states of the United States, there are still laws that one must consider. Violation of the laws concerning HGH include the 21 USC section 333 statement that prohibits the possession or distribution [of HGH] with the intent to distribute it to anyone for a reason other than medical. Violators of this will be punished with imprisonment of 5 years and a $2,050,000 fine or 10 years imprisonment if the transgressor is a minor.

FDA has declared that doctors should prescribe HGH supplements to adults only for treating a disease and/or for an HGH deficiency. Individual states can pass their own law with regards to HGH use. States like Idaho, Rhode Island, Oregon, and West Virginia have already made their own law controlling HGH supplements. In Colorado, HGH is considered an anabolic steroid.

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