Get To Know China’s Ten Wonderful Places

China is a big country with lots of places to see and lots of things to do that a mere week will never be enough, even a month will not suffice. But still, so many tourists visit this wonderful country yearly, and yearly, that number is increasing. So, why do they keep coming back to China? Here are some reasons why.

1. Great Wall of China

Whoever heard of anybody who visited China and never went to see the Great Wall of China? This is a very historical place and is visited by millions of tourists yearly. On your way up, you will also enjoy the wonderful scenery this place offers like the natural landscape of China.

2. Forbidden City

This is also called the Palace Museum. Although it was formerly closed to the public, now, the gates are open to anybody who wants to experience Chinese culture and history at its best. You can walk along its vast grounds and gardens and enjoy its many beautiful buildings as you marvel at the beauty and mystery that China has.

3.) Temple of Heaven

This is also a must-visit in China. Here, you will enjoy walking through its park and get to see locals doing tai chi or other forms of exercise like dancing. This is also a relaxing and peaceful place to visit.

4.) Summer Palace

No tour in China is the same if you did not visit the Summer Palace. This is a historical site, and you can see here so many ruins of palaces that were built during the Qing Dynasty. You can stroll along its gardens as well as explore the caves and other secret ruins.

5.) Beijing Zoo and Aquarium

The zoo is not that great, but what the zoo lacks, the aquarium more than makes up for it. The Beijing Aquarium is also recognized as one of the largest aquariums in the world with a myriad of marine animals. In the zoo, not only will you enjoy the animals kept there, but you can also walk through its gardens and admire its lakes and ponds.

6.) Beijing Botanical Gardens

For more of nature, visit the Botanical Gardens. Here, you will enjoy seeing the various plants and flowers of China as well as imported ones also. Enjoy its wide variety of flowers also like the tulips and the peonies.

7.) Hutongs

For more of China’s culture and heritage, walk along Hutongs’ old alleyways where you will get a firsthand experience of what old China was like. There are traditional siheyuan houses here as well as courtyard homes that used to belong by Chinese aristocrats. Visiting Hutongs will surely give anybody a culture high.

8.) Reed Flute Cave

Any nature lover will surely love visiting this majestic limestone cave. Here, be impressed with the stalagmite and stalactite formations. Enjoy the guided tour as the tour guide points out famous stalagmite and stalactite formations that represent animals and men.

9.) Ocean Aquarium

Ocean Aquarium is located in Guilin and is also a favorite tourist spot here in China. Like the Beijing Aquarium, it is also one of the biggest in the whole of Asia. This Aquarium is also home to many marine creatures.

10.) Kunming

In Kunming, you will get to see museums that house Chinese artifacts dating thousands of years ago. You can also visit Kunming’s Botanical Gardens and enjoy the pleasant and relaxing scenery it gives to its visitors. If you want to visit more parks, then there is Cuihu Lake Park and Jindian Park for you to visit as well as the Western Mountain Forest Reserve and the Village of Ethnic Culure.

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