Foot Massage: A Chinese Method Provides Relief To The Entire Body

The Chinese believe that the feet contain nerve endings that connect to every part of the human body, and that a foot massage will help to provide relief to all parts of the body. Thus, this culture has used foot massage to bring about better health in people as well as to re-energize them.

Different to the Western Method

The Western world is a bit different in many ways, and feet may hurt due to an ill-fitting pair of shoes, through too much of walking or a bit of each. Even so, there are foot massages available that help provide relief to the aching feet, and the sources for these include pedicurists, masseuses and even inserts for shoes, which are often touted as a form of foot massage.

Most often, the foot massage is best given by a massage therapist or a masseur at a massage parlor, where he or she will knead the tension and swelling right out of the feet. Whichever method you use to get a foot massage, there is no getting around the fact that what the Chinese have known for centuries are also now being incorporated in the modern foot massage techniques as well.

To reduce swelling and to relax the feet, it is often necessary to soak the feet in a solution of water and Epsom salts or herbs prior to the treatment. You should also expect the masseur to use lotions or creams, so that there is minimum amount of friction during the foot massage. The process will involve kneading and tapping, as well as rolling the hands and knuckles over the feet and ankles.

Without a doubt, the complete foot massage will provide a relaxation that is effective and complete. There are many different forms of the techniques that will suit different types of foot soreness and address other ailments related to the feet. It will provide much relaxation and refresh the body so that aches and pains are virtually eliminated.

The art of foot massage is also exemplified in reflexology, which works by complementing the treatment of feet with massage techniques, and helps in healing congestion in related parts of the body. It works by stimulation as well as application of pressure to the feet, and increases the circulation. Best results are obtained when the reflexologist applies pressure to specific points on the feet that can affect corresponding organs in the body.

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Article Source: Foot Massage: A Chinese Method Provides Relief To The Entire Body