Explore Scenic Shenzhen, China

Situated in Guangdong Province, China, Shenzhen is a city with a population of over 12 million people. Any of the travel guides of China does not say much about this city except the fact that it is good only for shopping.

The impression is changed now due to its fast growth. Shenzhen is a sub-provincial city of southern China and is well-known for its great immediacy with the border of Hong Kong. Shenzhen is a hub of foreign investment and it has been one of the fastest growing cities in the world since the late 1970s. It also holds the busiest port in China after Shanghai. Now-a-days Shenzhen is a lively, multi-ethnic city that offers variety of cultural and leisure venues for travelers, as well as endless shopping and dining.

Shenzhen has three most famous city center places, Diwang Building, Grand Theater and Citizens’ Center, which attract thousand of tourists year round. With 69 floors, Diwang building is the tallest building in Shenzhen and is the symbol city’s fast growth. This building is home to the most high-status firms in the city. You can have a view over the whole city from the viewing deck in the 68th floor. Mix C, a multi-storied shopping center, is situated just opposite to the Diwang building. It has ice rink, cinema, and lots of international style restaurants.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange is situated near the Diwang. Completely renovated in 2006, Grand Theater is the best place to enjoy classical music and traditional Chinese music events. Near the Grand Theater is Lychee Park. A picture of Deng Xiao Peng, the "father of Shenzhen", is displayed on the signboard which is placed on the corner of the park. Deng Xiao Peng made the plan to develop Shenzhen in to a global scale metropolis from a fishing village.

Citizens’ Center was built when the government decided to change the central business district out of the city center. Citizens’ Center is a large government building with "bird shape" roof. Children’s Palace amusement center and exemplary New Shenzhen Library near the Citizen’s Center are also worth visiting. New Exhibition Center which is built in typical Shenzhen style is around half a mile from the Citizens’ Center.

The Window of the World, Chinese Folk Culture Villages, Happy Valley, Splendid China, the Dameisha Promenade, the Safari Park in Nanshan district, Xiaomeisha Beach Resort in Yantian district, Zhongying Street, Xianhu Lake Botanical Garden, and Minsk World are some of the major place of tourist interest. There are several public park which offers free admission including Lianhuashan Park, Lizhi Park and Wutongshan Park. Shenzhen has several well-known restaurants which provide various mouth-watering cuisines and you can taste your favorite food from these restaurants.

The Window of the World is a theme park which is situated in the western part of Shenzhen. It holds around 130 reproductions of some of the well-known tourist attractions in the world. Sprawls around an area of about 480,000 square meters, the park houses the models of 108 meter tall Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal. The park also holds several international restaurants and mini exhibitions on well-known figures from world history.

In Window of the World you can eat Mexican food, see the Niagara Falls and stroll around Angkor Wat. It will take half a day to explore the whole park. Firework and laser shows will be there in the end of the day. You can enjoy Fervorous Paris Nights at Caesar’s Palace in the evenings. Happy Valley is another major tourist spot in Shenzhen. Several sightseeing areas are there in Happy Valley which includes Cartoon City, Mt. Advantage, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-la Woods, Sunshine Beach, Typhoon Bay, Happy Times, Playa Maya Water Park and Spanish Square are also worth a visit. Attractions in the Happy Valley include the Gold Mine Train, Space Port, suspended Looping Coaster and Shoot the Cute.

Splendid China, a complete miniature park, is capable of satisfying the visitors. It reflects the history, art, culture, ancient architecture, and customs and habits of various nationalities in the country. Developed and managed by the major travel and tourist corporation, China Travel Services, it is also the largest scenery parks in the world. The Minsk World, a military theme park, is situated in Dapeng Bay, Shenzhen. Opened on May 10, 2000, the park ground holds the huge former Soviet aircraft carrier. There is a theatre on the fifth floor of the park which can accommodate 776 people at a time. Why waiting still to visit Shenzhen? Plan your next vacation to this vibrant city now itself.

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Article Source: Explore Scenic Shenzhen, China