Depression Treatment With Chinese Medicines

Chinese medicine has long been used as an alternative way of treating diseases. There are herbs and Chinese treatment methods that are deemed to be very effective for certain types of diseases. And right now, Chinese medicines are used to treat depression and other types of mental and behavioral problems as well.

Chinese medicine is currently used for specific depression cases such as dysthymic disorder, bipolar depression, and seasonal affective disorders. Of all the types of Chinese medicines and procedures used, acupuncture is the most popular. Today, acupuncture is offered not only in countries with Chinese heritage but in the western world as well. And this alternative way of treating diseases was very much welcomed by the Europeans and the Americans.

Cure Depression With Qi Gong

Qi gong is actually a type of a Chinese exercise routine that can greatly help a person suffering from depression. The routine is composed of gentle, slow, and rhythmic movements that induce relaxation. The movements are also known to reduce the symptoms of depression.

Herbal Treatment for Depression with Mood Smooth

Mood Smooth is Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan. This Chinese herbal supplement has been around in the past 600 years. The Chinese call them happy pill, as it can magically make a depressed person feel happier. Prozac is the today’s most popular medicine for depression. Jia Wei Xiao Yao is the Chinese counterpart of that drug.

Natural Cure for Depression with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is widely used to treat depression, not only in China but in the Western countries such as the U.S. and the U.K. as well. To treat depression through acupuncture, the points of the pericardium and the heart are focused on. For acupuncture to be more effective, a the Chinese medicine practitioner would have to evaluate the patient first so that he’ll know the main root of the depression and perform the right techniques.

Natural Herbal Cure for Depression with Yang Tonic

To treat depression, the Yang Tonic for the Kidneys is usually prescribed. The Yang Tonic is a nourishing formula for the kidneys and can address the different levels of depression in a patient. The Yang Tonic is composed of different herbal medicines such as Fu Zi, Gui Zhi, Ze Xie, and Fu Ling, among many others.

In Chinese, depression is referred to as the Yu Syndrome. It is directly related to restlessness or Zang Zao. In this discipline, depression is defined as the abnormal harboring of emotions that leads to the stagnant flow of Qi. As such, depressed individuals are very unhappy, crying all the time, not talking much, and spending time by themselves. These common signs of depression are further classified in traditional Chinese medicine as depression due to the deficiency of the spleen and the heart, depression due to the disturbance of the mind, and depression due to Yin deficiency.

If depression is caused by the disruption of the mind’s normal processes, then the Chinese medicine normally used to address the condition is Gan Mai Dazao Tang. This concoction is a collection of different Chinese herbs such as licorice, gancao, longchi, and fushen, among many others.

If both the heart and the spleen are the main causes of depression, then the treatment procedure is primarily directed to build up the spleen and replenish the blood. Building up the spleen would lead to the reinforcement of the Qi. Replenishing the blood, on the other hand, would nourish the heart. In these cases, the Gui Pi Tang decoction is the best Chinese medicine to use.

When Yin deficiency is the main cause of depression, other consequences normally show. Palpitation, dizziness, insomia, irritability, tinnitus, and hot temperedness are just a few examples. To nourish the Yin is to clear away heat. And that would also calm the mind and the body. To achieve that state of relaxation, the Chinese medicine commonly prescribed is Liu Wei Dihuang Wan. Taking this decoction would definitely relieve you of all the symptoms of depression in no time.

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