Crouching Tiger And Other Chinese Themed Halloween Costumes

It’s going to be October again before you know it and you’re going to be searching around at the last minute for a cool Halloween costume, and yet again you’re too late! So instead of something cool you get to dress up as a ghost… again. Do yourself a favor for once, shop early! Shop 6 months in advance so your friends can stop making fun of you for wearing a sheet for the fourth year in a row! If your looking for a fun yet interesting Halloween costume why don’t you try a China Girl, Crouching Tiger or some sort of another Kung Fu Master!

You can find lots of sites online that offer Chinese Halloween costumes, or you could even go to a Chinese or Oriental store online that sells clothes and buy some stuff from them. Personally id rather do this because it seems more realistic. Just think while your buddy is wearing a plastic mask and a rubber hook you could be wearing a Black Kung Fu Suit or Ba Gua Kung Fu Matching Set, seriously go take a look at these because they are awesome and completely realistic! If you’re a girl you could be a China Girl, a Chinese Princess or a Master of Chinese Arts as well! Don’t let the guys take all the glory!

These costumes really don’t cost much more than the ones you would buy in a Halloween store, so why not?!? The only other item you would need is the "Kung Fu" shoes if you wanted to look really authentic and they have those on KarateDepot for $10! You really can’t beat that now can you?!? Here are some of the other items you can buy on these sites for Halloween costumes:

For Women:
Jackets – Silk, Satin, Embroidered, Thai Silk Coat, Cashmere
Pants – Silk, Kung Fu, Satin
Skirts – Floral skirt, "Happiness" skirt, Silk
Vests – Peony Embroidered, Flying butterfly, Dragon, Phoenix

For Men:
Jackets – Chinese Black Leather Jacket, Dragon, Kung Fu jacket, Traditional Longevity Jacket
Kung Fu Suits – Black Kung Fu, White Kung Fu, Silk, Dragon, Chinese Calligraphy Suits
Gowns – Black Cashmere, Khaki, Red Dragon
Pants – White Kung Fu, Black Kung Fu, Silk, Cotton
Other – Kimono, Yukata
Robes – Silk, Cotton

As you can see there’s tons of different items you could choose from! All you have to have is a little creativity and a little determination to find these sites! Have fun!

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