Chinese Tea – Health Benefits of Chinese Tea

Chinese tea is a drink that has been made from the tea leaves that have been processed using methods that traced its roots to China. Careful selection of tea leaves is often made in order to make a Chinese tea. The leaves that are considered to be of highest grade are the white tea, the yellow tea and the green tea. These are taken from the young tea shoots that are often harvested during early spring. Tea leaves of this type are often required to be of equal length but much shorter than the buds. The red tea or the oolong tea is made using more mature leaves.

But not all of the high grade green teas are made from young tender shoots. The Liu An Gua Pian is made using the more matured leaves. Usually the picking of the tea leaves are timed. Based on some records the standard practice is to pick the tea leaves when five percent of the garden is ready. For most tea gardens, leaves from these plants are harvested every day or every two days.

Health Benefits of Chinese Tea
Drinking of Chinese tea has a number of benefits to the human body. Since the tea has cooling properties, then a Chinese tea can be a good choice of refreshments during hot season. Chinese tea also contains both sweet and bitter flavors and as such can help a refresh the mind of the person and tea can help make the person feel alert. This is also a perfect drink in order to boost the concentration of the drinker. By tradition, Chinese used this tea as a way to relieve indigestion and at the same time help persons who have problems with their bowel movements. The efficiency of the Chinese tea can be boosted if the tea can be combined with Tetradium Ruticarpum. The tea can also be helpful in relieving headaches, dizziness, sleepiness and heat stroke. If the tea is processed together with vinegar, then the solution is a perfect solution for diarrhea. The decoction of the tea on the other hand can be used to address dysentery.

Based on some studies, Chinese tea also contains more than 300 chemical substances that can prove effective in relieving a number of pains and effective as well in addressing a number of ailments. Some of these important chemicals include the catechin, caffeine, flavonol, butyric acid, vitamins, minerals, pectins, saccharides and saponin. These chemicals usually act on the body’s central nervous system and the cardiovascular system. They act as anti-oxidants muscular relaxants and acts as diuretics as well.

The chemicals on the Chinese tea can also help in the promotion of gastric secretions and may inhibit the growth of bacteria. Drinking Chinese tea can also help the person develop and strengthen his immune system, slows down the aging process and can help as well in the prevention of certain cancers. The tea can also help in lowering the blood pressure and has a hand as well in the prevention of arteriosclerosis. Drinking tea can also prevent tooth decay, can freshen the breath of a person and assist in the digestion process. This can enhance the functions of the body’s kidneys.

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