Chinese Children Adoption

Many people are aware of the need in China regarding orphaned children in need of adoptive homes. But many are not aware of how dire that need can be. Thousands of children are abandoned every year in China by parents who do not want them for one reason or another. This has plenty to do with restrictions on how many children are allowed per family. China is having a population crisis and this does not help it get any better. Families looking to adopt should consider the beautiful gift they could give to a Chinese child with no future.

One of the leading charitable organizations for the adoption of Chinese children is This site is filled with tons of information about all aspects of adopting a child from China. From legal issues to basic inquiries, it is all addressed at this site. Since the year 1994 this organization has helped to place more than 8100 children with adoptive families. That is an astounding number of kids who escaped life in an orphanage. strongly believes in the stronghold of family. The priority is always the children and their needs. Their entire organization is built around making life better for kids who would otherwise never have a chance to have a real family. However, they also work hard to make things as smooth as possible for the adoptive family. The couple that owns this charity has adopted a child of their own so they truly can relate to those that come to them. They want nothing more than to make your adoptive experience the best that it possibly can be.

Bringing home a child from another country or continent can be a challenge. There is cultural diversity as well as many other things to deal with. It can be a challenge for these children to adjust to life with a real family. will work with families to make the adaptation process smoother. Support is always available to the families that need it so you can adopt a child with confidence through this organization.

Though abandonment is not legal in China, this does not stop families from abandoning their children. Since the rate is so high, plenty of focus is placed on China. There are fewer legal issues when adopting an abandoned child. Their government papers state they are abandoned which makes it easier to be granted legal rights to that child.

Josh and Lily are more than happy to share their personal story. They began this charity in their tiny two hundred square foot basement, never imaging how huge it would grow. Since then they have helped thousands of families and children and do not plan to stop any time soon. They adopted their daughter Anna from Beijing who is growing up to be a beautifully well adjusted young lady.

See for their story and for all information regarding child adoption from China. There are also a number of ways that you can volunteer and donate. Starbucks has recently also become supporters of Chinese children charities. It’s a global issue that does not have to be an issue. With loving care and the right family, these children can be given a whole new life.

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Article Source: Chinese Children Adoption