Chinese Ceramics for Refurbishing Homes and Offices

People refurbish homes and offices for a myriad of reasons. For instance, in home renovation, it may be to widen the living space or bedroom, update the kitchen as well as dining space, or to install a trendy window or exterior siding or to install a high-efficiency exhaust fan or anti-scald valves in the bathroom.

Sometimes, refurbishment is done to convert your aging home into a sparkling environment. Mostly, office spaces and premises are refurbished in order to provide them a modern as well as sophisticated look.

Refurbishing homes and offices involve not only making your healthy as well as a comfortable place to live in but also involve decorating them in such a way that goes with your lifestyle and preferences.

Today, a plethora of innovative and decorative options are available to choose from in order to beautify your homes and offices during refurbishing process. Among which, a unique option is to decorate and refurbish homes with Chinese ceramics.

Chinese ceramics is a kind of fine art that has been developed during the dynastic periods in China. China is always especially known for its rich raw materials that are widely used for making ceramic items.

The origin of Chinese ceramics traces back to the Palaeolithic era, which is almost 10,000 years ago. Nowadays, Chinese ceramics are available in a continuum of forms such as tiles, bricks, hand-made pottery vessels, and elegant porcelain wares.

In other words, Chinese categorized into three prominent types: earthenware, porcelain, and stoneware. Due to its features such as higher porosity, fragility, and less tough, earthenware ceramic material is most commonly used to make decorative articles and tableware.

Porcelain is a kind of ceramic material that is replete with such properties as high durability, brittleness, low permeability, high resistance to electricity and chemical attack, and glassiness. Perhaps, for this reason porcelain used to make items such as kitchen, table, and sanitary wares as well as fine art articles.

Stoneware is a kind of ceramic items, which is impermeable as well as hard enough to defy scratches by steel point. In addition, it is usually glazed and is colored either grey or brownish. Chinese ceramics are further classified into high fired and low fired.

Aforesaid are just a brief info on Chinese ceramics as well as its different types and purposes. Now we will discuss the role of Chinese ceramic items for refurbishing homes and offices.

One of the most prominent Chinese ceramic items used to refurbish homes and offices is Chinese ceramic tiles, which come in a myriad of size, shape, and style. Crystal tiles, decorative tiles, floor tiles, glazed tiles, laminate floor tiles, porcelain polished tiles, wall tiles, and vitrified tiles are just few among them.

Chinese ceramic tiles now come in a plethora of design, texture, pattern, style, and shape, which in turn complement the ambience of any home or office. Further, they are beautiful, and available in a variety of finishes such as matt, glossy, and satin.

A specialty of Chinese ceramic tile is that it can be creatively used anywhere including corridor, kitchen, toilets, and service as well as utility walls. It can also be applied on the slump walls and overhead tank, which in turn enables for easy cleaning.

Apart from durable as well as versatile tiles, Chinese ceramic items are also available in the form of decorative items. Decorative Chinese ceramic items range from antique artifacts dating back to ancient Chinese dynasties to most stylish as well as sophisticated items.

Nowadays, hand painted Chinese ceramic decorative items are also of special demand. For instance, Chinese ceramic plates as well as dishes embedded with elegant hand painted designs and golden accents would give an elegant look to your dining space as well as kitchen racks. Likewise, give a traditional look to your living space or bedroom by keeping a hand painted basket whose edges are protected with metal pieces. Also, a great option to adorn your living space as well as bedroom is the statue of Buddha as well as laughing Buddha made of Chinese ceramic materials.

Let it be any type of items, Chinese ceramics stand out for its intricate design, beauty, form, and function. Perhaps for this reason, Chinese ceramics is of great demand at both domestic and international levels. Other popular Chinese ceramic items to grace your kitchen, living space, and bedrooms are Chinese ceramic hand painted stools, Chinese hand painted ceramic tea pot, vintage style Chinese porcelain bowl, gorgeous Chinese ceramic table lamps, and more.

Above all, the authentication of Chinese ceramic items can be checked with the help of such tests as thermoluminescence test, alternatively known as TL test.

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Article Source: Chinese Ceramics for Refurbishing Homes and Offices