Chinese Birthday Invitations With Lucky Red Color

If you’re looking for a fun theme or color for your next birthday, consider a lucky color like red and an Asian-inspired theme for a fun and fresh idea. In Chinese culture, the color red is most often used as a symbol of good luck. Red is also associated with the warding off of evil spirits. Both seem so fitting for a birthday invitation and party theme.

Chinese accents for your birthday invitations

If you’re looking for an unusual and stylish theme for your next birthday, start with the color red. In Chinese culture red is considered very lucky and can also be a vibrant color that is perfect for any season. Birthday invitations in this classic color can make your celebration – and perhaps your entire year – full of luck and good fortune. The Chinese believe that red is not only good luck, but a strong symbol of happiness. This makes it another reason to pick red to celebrate your birthday. Couldn’t we all use a little more luck and happiness?

Chinese symbols can also be a stylish addition to your Asian-themed invitations and party decor. Consider hiring a calligrapher to put some appropriate symbols on your invitations for additional luck and happiness. These symbols would also make an attractive addition to elements of your décor – cocktail napkins, birthday signs, etc. Make sure to seek out someone who knows their symbols, you don’t want to have symbols that are inappropriate or offensive on your birthday invitations or décor.

The red envelope

Another Chinese tradition is the giving of the red envelope to the birthday boy or girl. The tradition also states that there is cash inside in an even amount i.e. $44, $88, etc. In carrying out the tradition, consider sending your birthday invitations in a red envelope. While your Chinese guests will get the symbolism, you can educate your other guests with a note about these traditions inside your birthday invitation.

Other fun Chinese traditions

There are many great literal and figurative traditions and décor elements that can add panache to your celebration. Consider an invitation that resembles a Chinese fortune cookie to spread good fortune to your guests. Another great look for your party is Chinese lanterns. While these can act as an attractive accent piece at your party, they can also make an attractive accent on your birthday invitation. For a fun and unusual accent, consider an invitation that is in the style of a Chinese ‘take-out’ container. This would also hint at your delicious Chinese menu and Chinese-inspired décor. While these are not necessarily actual Chinese symbols, it is still a well-recognized and fun.

The Power of Red

Red is also a good color for your birthday celebration as in Western cultures red is a color for passionate endeavors. While you probably won’t want your guests displaying their passionate side, you can still use red on your birthday invitations and décor to spice up your party and bring out the wild and crazy side. A deep, rich red is also said to stimulate the appetite. The perfect color to get your birthday bash going!

Whatever accents you choose – Asian-inspired – or otherwise, keep red in your theme to add luck, happiness and flair to your party. While red is a strong color, it fits in well with many Chinese elements and can turn a dull party into a brilliant Asian-inspired celebration.

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Article Source: Chinese Birthday Invitations With Lucky Red Color