Chinese Antiques; Wise, Glorious – China Now; 1936 Berlin Olympics?

Chinese antiques have delicacy and intricacy that can amaze and delight. To view such pieces is to deeply appreciate that such an ancient civilization was creating such intricacy when most of the world, including Europeans lived in caves and trees is to appreciate the rich depth of the Inner Kingdom. And yet as the present leaders remind us, this great civilization did not involve democracy, and they see no need to have it intrude into their eastern ways, which have worked so well for so long.

Obviously many found offensive and how state organized it seemed, to then hear and see mobs of Chinese protest and boycott a French store in China. This manipulated fear mongering against a French company was because honest young people in Paris did dare protest the brutal mis treatment of the peoples of Tibet. And to me it seems the world rushed this honor of Greek democracy and fair play brotherhood to the wrong nation, too soon this time.

The glorious civilization of Germany was received with less ill will in 1936 than this 2008 torch under heavy police protection to make it safely up to the top of Mount Everest or what they now call it, and downhill perhaps on that new train right through to the smoke filled air of Beijing. Which, just to make a point, many world leaders are taking a pass on the glorious opening ceremonies. We all should too. And if it says China on the label, do we really need it this year?

What would be very wise, we advise, is to search out web net sales of original Chinese antiques, made back when they did not smog up the earth, but made it to last. And every time one of those breaks, there is one less precious actifact left for you. Clear your mantle, Mickey. Enough with the long car drive and the huge buggy at disco city. Instead, it is easier, and far wiser, for you to prowl the net for Chinese antiques, in a set. Until your mantle sings with bargain bid Mings. And one day, years away, hear how your phone rings.

Within the decade, a now much more rich Susie Wong will want to buy back her great grand mother’s Chinese antiques. Which sit on your mantle. And while neighbor Ned hauls his set of lead modern China to the yard sale, where he finds no one wants because everyone else had many huge buggy trips to disco city. Not you.
And those Olympics will seem more like Roman Circus than Athens, they could show fights between Lions and Buddhist Monks. Modern China, you befoul the Torch.

Derek Dashwood enjoys noticing positive ways we progress, the combining of science into the humanities to measure politics, wise use and mis use of power and protective love at Chinese Antiques

Article Source: Chinese Antiques; Wise, Glorious – China Now; 1936 Berlin Olympics?