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Chinese antiques logic and learning can forestall modern solutions while they apply such common sense in other ways. We have and will criticize the government of China for being so slow and cautious about granting more democracy to their vast population.

Free speech to the people has never been, and the unknown can be a great worry. India was granted independence and all those voices makes it difficult to get any progress created.

In China, if any level of government decides that a valley is needed for a hydro dam, then with reluctant families who live and have ancestors buried in that valley, the army sees to it that the people who have lived there for thousands of years will leave. If necessary followed by a soldier with a bayonet.

But among this control of people, China is also encouraging the creation of septic tanks that basically recycle. Documentaries show hoses from human and animal waste locations that drain into a cement tub in the ground; becomings a bubbling stew of waste. And from the center of the tank, with two hoses coming in, is one hose feeding back out.

The camera follows this hose and we see it has been placed in the rafters of their modest home, and feeds down the wall to the kitchen stove. Here, the camera still running, the happy young wife with her two children and smiling husband nearby turns on the gas stove. She pours in vegetables and spices and pieces of chicken for their dinner.

Through a translator, the wife explains how much easier and cleaner life is now that they have a gas stove. She saves hours daily by not foraging for sticks to make fuel with, or coal from the hills. The house was always thick with smoke and her children seemed unwell. As for herself, she rarely felt well. Now, life is so much more filled with ease and some small comforts.

The new gas stove burns clean and the house is clear of smoke and soot. The children no longer have colds and coughs, and she radiantly smiles she has never felt better. They even now have time to all go for a walk together in the evening just to enjoy the end of the day. That never could happen before.

Now they save hours each day by not longer having to search for fuel. This additional time allows them to make repairs to their farm equipment and the home they never had time to. They even find themselves sitting around and laughing with the spare time they can now enjoy, and they now feel rich.

The documentary shows that this is being encouraged and paid for by the government of China, and we think with all the criticisms back and forth about melamine and dirty soil, bloody oil, that this is a true good news story that China should be very proud of, and that we all should encourage among the poor of China, and everywhere.

We see examples of people in India and Africa caught in that prehistoric web of gathering sticks to cook the food. It seems we need to encourage several billion of these recycling septic energy systems.

When people have extra hours of time in their lives, they have always applied that to lifting themselves from poverty, to low income, to middle, and so have we always pulled ourselves up by our own boots. This seems one natural power house to help cool down on a budget.

We all need to start somewhere, and they are doing so on a modest budget. This is a powerful way for very worthy things to happen and we should help.We don’t need to get off the pot to make it happen, we need to direct our gusto back into our own gas stove. The lady in China says it smells pure and clean.

What keeps us from directing our own wind from filling out our sails? Besides pride. That which occurs just before a fall.

Derek Dashwood loves the combining of science into the humanities to measure happiness and bliss.When you have many people and little money you think and think for an inexpensive solution, seen here at Chinese Heritage and Antiques

Article Source: Chinese Antiques, Healthy Lifestyles – Global Warming, One Great Solution