Chinese Antiques Compared To Achievements Of China Today

To see the China of Olympic visions made true is to be very impressed that such a society exists and can be brought forward in this way. State control over a people does make way to swift action to realizee a dream, and we saw that in Beijing as never before. The people were vast in their display of uniformity. Marco Polo must have seen historic versions of these grand displays, in contrast to what was known in Europe in 1200 AD China. We saw no new inventions, as did Marco and his father and uncle when they saw fireworks displays that would have astounded them.

Marco saw immediately how the fearsome noises and energy of harmless firreworks could be harnessed as a powerful new explosive force, and he was right. Within half a century a war not too far from Venice was decided by the use of this new fireworks. Down the Dalmatian coast a castle was bombarded by a church bell turned on its side and stuffed with new explosives from China and round iron balls; the cannon was invented out of a church bell and history ironied its way forward once more.

Back in China, between barbaric raids on Europe and lands in between Baghdad to Samarkand progress moved forward haltingly. Ming dynasties were followed by periodic times of uncertainty. The irony is that to purchase items of ancient China allows certainty on what has been purchased and the likelihood your known artifact will continue to increase in value as items of age become more scarce. In contrast with modern products, there seems to be more bad news attached with products from the soil of China with melamine worries.

The fear of possible lead lined products, safety issues seem to have merit for concern. Not so Chinese antiques which represent such a rich and glorious period of human civilization we know still so little about. We know that in his time Marco Polo learned quickly the ways of the Court of the mighty Khan and in particular he learned how to kowtow, that is bow low to the emperor. Marco could bow with a gracious flourish that created giggles in the court, and his sweeping bows would take in the ladies of the court.

Such bows and kowtows would giggle their way around Court, until a frown from the emperor put a stop to that. But Marco found his way through mysterious negotiation and words of sympathy to oppressed hopes among those in court and beyond. To purchase Mings and things today would put you ahead of the history wagon at some point ahead. You need only imagine how Chinese today are joining the middle class by the millions, to project that forward a decade or so.

By then, inflation and value hedge on your Chinese antiques would have you in the shopping path of millions of newly rich Susie Wongs, who want to return their great grand mothers Mings and things, that have been appreciating on your mantle all this while. Make her pay, Marco. Bow your kow tow so low she will hesitate and blush. Ask her to remove her shoes before you shimmer her over to your mantle, filled with fine Mings and things. Smile in mysterious inner truths.

This is your retirement venture capital, enjoy the chase, win the race.

Derek Dashwood enjoys noticing positive ways we progress, the combining of science into the humanities to measure life at Chinese antiques

Article Source: Chinese Antiques Compared To Achievements Of China Today