China’s Agricultural Products Price Soar

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Domestic market, the live pigs and pork price increased for 3 weeks.

Egg transport cost increased, reporter visited Guangzhou wholesale food market showed that egg prices is also increasing. At present, the fresh eggs price from the wholesale market in Liaoning have been from 3.3 Yuan / kg risen to 3.6 Yuan / kg. Oil prices increased directly affect the transportation cost. The state had raised oil prices directly led to the egg transport cost increased. For example from Guangzhou to Liaoning, only freight needs 15,000 Yuan. April’s oil prices rise; once again led their freight costs increased 1,100 Yuan. The average on per case is rise 0.5 Yuan.

Fruit and vegetable prices rise because of special climate. April CPI record high in this year, fresh vegetables rose 24.9%. State Statistical Bureau spokesman, said fresh vegetables and fresh fruit prices rose, mainly because the climate is very special this year, Southwest China prolonged drought, the most parts of the country after the spring of the year, the temperatures is lower than normal year and many regions appeared late spring; adverse weather on vegetable production and supply caused great difficulties. Plus the price of capital goods up, comprehensive leads some food prices increased.

Recently the garlic wholesale price is 4 Yuan per kilogram, price before is only 4.8 Yuan per kilogram, even reached to 5 Yuan. This year except mid-March, the wholesale of garlic price reached 6.8 Yuan per kilogram levels, the south of Yangzi River fruits and vegetables market, the garlic wholesale price is basically maintain 3.5~5 Yuan/kilograms paces. Compared to the same period of last year, the rise scope of garlic is approximately to 40%~100%.

According to the marketer analyzes that caused garlic price rise reason was at that time is just pandemic influenza time, the garlic because has the sterilization effect, so it regarded as “against flu” materials, so popular by consumers.

Local eggplant, cucumber, white water melons, zucchini retail price respectively is 5.61 Yuan/kg, 5.69 Yuan/kg, 5.77 Yuan/kg and 4.79 Yuan/kg. On the other hand, by reducing the supply, stock prices increased, potatoes, tomatoes, wax gourd vegetable prices have slightly rise. Such as potatoes retail price is 5.85 Yuan per kilogram, up 6.36% compared with last week.

In the grain market, last week the mainly grain prices remain basically stable. Such as: japonica retail price is 4.18 Yuan per kilogram, which slightly up 0.97%.

As affected by reducing production, demand increasing and so on factors, the recent green bean prices rise again in the market.

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Article Source: China’s Agricultural Products Price Soar