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To be a part of the gloriously staged and artfully created Beijing Olympics as pure genius. We are the world should and did applaud and allow ourselves to feel we really are all of the great famiy of humanity. Lest we forget. It is glorious to get rich, and China is becoming rich by making products we used to make for ourselves until the factories could not compete and over the seas the jobs did follow the purchasing of foreign better made products. We had to notice the clear blue skies over Beijing.

Blue sky where there had been foul smog days earlier was lost amidst the glamour of the crowds and the stadiums brimming with heart rending stories of fine triumphs and heart aching misses and dreaded fourth bests and their tears. So forgotten these days was king smog, and this was a man made marvel of plant closures and vehicle bans. What ever else it all worked towards what a controlled state such as modern China can do when all are agreed what must be done for the glory of the state.

To burn coal to create power to create goods to sell for profit is glorious; not so much when Olympics are being played. In China this is an easy order to coordinate, in America it would take a while to make happen, in Italy there would have to be a revolution and several changes of government before the weather could be tampered with. We suggest that while you are certainly welcome to purchase you quota of melamine soil or lead line pots from modern China, just before the earliest models are out at garage sales down the block.

You also check out some Chinese antiques sites and see what they were. Mings and things are still showing up on antiques web sites and they are not making any more. They do not likely have lead or melamine if you can stand that. You could see that any such Chinese antiques purchases you made now were almost primordally going to rise as you buy them. For the growing modern great civilization knews what it has been, and how well you can adapt to that is to you profit. So buy low now, sweet chariot of fire, become the Marco Polo of your grand fathers dreams.

Show them your stuff. When somem future Ms Susie Wong makes her fame and her name and wants to regain her greatest grand mother Mings things, she checks the net and find that proud owner is – you. Stick your neck out Marco, ask her to take off her shoes at your door when she wants to study your mantle filled with her Mings and things. When she gasps at your price, you smile with a deep secret within you and bow very low. She has been trained to know you old flatterer you test to be sure she is special princess.

Hold to your price, Marco. There will be another buyer soon you warn her. She will boast that she met you.

Derek Dashwood enjoys noticing positive ways we progress, the combining of science into the humanities to measure life at Chinese antiques

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