China Allows Google Android Software on 3G Cell Phones and Smartphones

China is a country where the internet is still censored a lot. Only few people in there are able to enjoy what many of us in the Western world now consider basic internet amenities such as YouTube, Facebook, Lala, Myspace and Twitter, to name a few. Therefore it comes as a bit of surprise to see that the government of China will not be limiting 3G Cell Phones and smartphones that run on the Google Android software. This of course, so long as they comply with Chinese Law.

This announcement was made in hopes to sooth the worried minds of investors, who after all, would like the largest country in the world to be able to get involved with the software. This is great news for a variety of 3G Cell Phones maker whose phones use the Android or other software. Before China had cleared the air on the subject companies such as Motorola were making moves to supplement the software and search engines in their phones so that there would be few to no hiccups should the devices be banned. But that is luckily history, at least for the time being.

However it does raise an intriguing question for those in the business. To what extent should these somewhat closed countries, albeit massive ones like China, be marketed towards. Should the focus go to the Western world and to the countries that will not think twice about accepting new software into their country or should 3G cell phones manufacturers go out of their way to target these markets, because if a deal is reached, they will have the inside track to a world of people that before were closed off. At this time it seems companies are still looking for that inside track but whether or not significant dividends have been payed is another topic.

What we do know, at least from our Western perspective, is that it seems ridiculous to not let these people have these now basic technologies that the rest of the world is accustomed to. So perhaps this is a way for companies to gain more profit but to also have some bizarre sense of political significance in a communist country. While turning a profit is no doubt the first goal for these companies, who could argue with helping open the doors to a secluded communist country? Seems like it would be quite gratifying, no? This a very encouraging sign not just for Google and those who use Android Devices but for China, too.

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Article Source: China Allows Google Android Software on 3G Cell Phones and Smartphones