Buy Chinese Antiques, Silks, Mings – Not Modern China, CO2 Coal Cancer Kings

The recent news that China has overtaken America as the great polluter of our dear mother earth is worse news that we would think. The recent color world map of CO2, shows in red the worst coal carbon emissions into the air, from the Royal Netherlands Geographic Institute. This map shows, for the first time clearly to see, how the dispersal of red hot factory or nuclear or oil refinery sites around the world light up red. China is the CO2 horror smoke breathing dragon, as it’s concentration of red hot on the map shows what we see on the ground through the cameras now open to the west.

From Beijing to Shanghai, China is a dark at noon horror where people wear masks when outside. That coal dust is now settling on the forests, food plants, and lung of you and I on the Pacific coast of America. Stop! Can we go back to clear skies? How far back need we go? We know that the arrival back in Venice of the Marco Polo family was remarkable, in these three ragged men who made their way to the Polo family mansion in Venice. When they knocked on the door and it was opened, and they entered, their ceremony was slow and symbolic.

In the uncertain years of the 1200’s, there were awkward hugs with these bearded creatures with familiar voices. Yet soon they began to take off layers of garments. After several layers of flea infested rags, they began to peel off layer after layer of rich silks. Marco even took a pair of scissors and cut several of these rich garments into pieces, and peeled off many more layers, each more radiantly rich than the previous, each silk garment lined with pockets of diamonds and gemstones. Sigh.

And now we line up in discount stores with our huge buggies to buy lead lined fakes that look great, that we do not need, can not afford, are going to load up our credit cards with more consumption. Is there any way back to the simplicity of life like the happy days with the simplicity of the 1950’s? You know we can, and that we would be more happy, if we got more wise.

Skip the huge buggy, and the huge discount store which is loaded with modern junk we do not need, can not afford, and will soon be out at the garage sale, which no body wants because every one else has several at their yard sale. Me too. If you think about how to cut the carbon created by making and selling to us modern junk. If we recall, this is how Japan got rich, selling us cheap goods until they began to buy up our treasures. It is happening again.

Instead, we would be wise like Ming, bypass the crowd, and discover the original Ming, or antique real thing, still at a discount while the Chinese all chase their cell phone future in their new city tower. Think of the growing welath of China and the people over the next decade. As before, their new riches will make them feel the ability to buy back their rich heritage, which sits all along your mantlepiece. That that is back to the future. Your old age security; progress indeed.

So, if you bypass the traffic accident on the way to the mega store, avoid the huge buggy; go on the net. There, you can bet, will be a great net site for you to view and review. Think ahead of the Panda bears, think. If this China is on such a great roll (it is) then like Japan decades ago, many more millions in Shanghai in a decade will live middle class lives as in Tokyo or Taipei today. But while these farmers into town, work hard and admire their new cell phones, gadgets and town home.

Our good grace for this moment in time,is that right now they could care less about grandma back home, with her family heirloom vase on the net. We care, you should too. Some day soon, someone will treasure her past, not just the thrill of the future, have enough cash to put extra zeros on the cash you paid for that Ming. I will pay, what you say? You do this enough now, Jackie Chow, you have your retirement investment on your mantle, accumulating like how. So enjoy your investment while it soon likely sky rockets.

No need to get burned, sell on the way up. You smart Chinese antiques panda, wiser than the average bear.

Derek Dashwood enjoys noticing positive ways we progress, the combining of science into the humanities to measure politics, wise use and mis use of power and protective love at Chinese Antiques

Article Source: Buy Chinese Antiques, Silks, Mings – Not Modern China, CO2 Coal Cancer Kings