Budget Accommodations In Asia

Never have I met anyone who has found prices in Japan to be cheap. On the contrary, everyone I know thinks that Japan is not really a haven for budget travelers. And I agree. However, if you are fascinated with the country and the culture, there are still ways to tighten that belt a little. You cannot expect it to be cheaper than, say, Bangkok but you do have options when it comes to the level of spending you will be doing during your visit.

As what you may expect, staying in hotels can be expensive. The price depends, as with hotels in other countries, on the amenities offered, location and the number of stars.

For budget travelers, your best bet would be to stay in:

Youth Hostels. These are just about the same as its European or American counterparts. The only difference would be the breakfast.

Minshuku is the Japanese version of a bed-and-breakfast. This is an even greater option (just about the same price as a Youth Hostel) as this would allow you to truly experience Japanese lifestyle.

Gaijin (Guest) Houses are best for those who plan on staying in Japan for a month or so. Of course, shared apartments (kitchen and bathroom are shared) are a lot cheaper than private ones.

Cheapest Option: Of course, nothing beats staying with a local friend. Should you have one, don’t be shy in asking for a favor. The worst thing that can happen is that he/she will say no.

The budget hotel concept was only introduced in China a few years ago, despite the fact that this has been a major business model in Europe and the US for years now. It has, recently, been becoming more popular. So popular that China’s hotel operators are planning on having more low-cost accommodations to meet the growing demand.

One of those planning to expand is France’s Accor. They are expanding to cover the market in coastal areas to the inland cities. In addition, they have agreed to develop 30 budget hotels in Shanghai, Xian and Chongqing.

Apart from Accor and other international hotel giants who are zooming in on China, domestic brands are also expanding all around the country.

This IS definitely good news for budget travelers who are planning to head to China soon.

Then we have the Philippines, when people think of visiting Southeast Asia, they think of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The Philippines has been overlooked by the world in favor of its more famous neighbors. A lot are unaware that the Philippines, despite the fact that most just focus on the chaos and the poverty, do have a lot to offer to visitors.

Apart from the beauty that this country of 7,100 islands has to offer, visitors will also be surprised at how friendly the people are and how almost everyone can communicate well in English.

And yes, travel to this country is as cheap (if not cheaper) as its neighbors.

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Go and check them out!

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