Belleek China: The Best China Pieces For Your Display Cabinet

There are many homemakers who love to display some collection of fine china in their homes. Most of them usually buy or have display cabinets made for such purpose and these are usually placed where they can be seen by a lot of people. As these women go to great lengths to have these display cabinets in their homes, you can also expect that their china collection is comprised of some of the best pieces that can be found.

Among the china pieces that are most sought after when it comes to collections are those from Belleek China. So if you are thinking of starting your own china collection for the display cabinet in your home, then you had better consider buying yourself some Belleek Irish China pieces.

Why It Is Among the Best

People buy Belleek china for their collection not only because the items are made from the finest china but it is about getting exquisite pieces that come from a long history of high quality and excellent craftsmanship. Founded in 1857, the reputation of Belleek china was built on the declaration of its founder John Caldwell Bloomfield that calls for the destruction of each and every china piece that has even the tiniest flaw. Because the techniques and materials used in making these Belleek Irish china pieces were handed down from previous generations, you can expect that each handcrafted piece has an element of uniqueness that is all its own.

Belleek China Pieces for Your Collection

If you are the kind of person who like showing off your photos, then there are no better pieces that you can start your china collection with than Belleek china picture frames. There is the Belleek Shamrock Photo Frame that features hand-painted shamrocks and a basket weave pattern, which can be used for any kind of photograph. Another exquisite picture frame that you might like to have is the Belleek Tara Double Frame that could hold two pictures and features a Celtic knot pattern along its edges aside from the traditional hand-painted shamrocks.

Aside from picture frames, figurines and ornaments are also great starter pieces for your display cabinet collection of Belleek china. You can go for bell ornaments, crosses, limited edition figurines like the 2008 pig and the quizzical cat as well as ornamental boxes of different designs. If you are a cat lover, you could get the Shamrock Kitty Cat Box that comes in the form of a tiny Irish kitten asleep in a basket. There are also Belleek Irish china Christmas ornaments that you can avail of like snowman wreath ornament and baby’s first Christmas ornament that comes in the form of a bear and has hand-painted shamrocks on it.

If you are looking to start your own china collection for your display cabinet, then these are the Belleek china starter pieces that you can purchase. Of course, you can also buy tea sets, plates, and trays, among others to add to your Belleek Irish china collection. There are now a number of them that are available in both offline and online stores.

Look into the offering of Belleek China pieces at Irish Indeed! and you might just find the starter pieces that you like. Here, you can also look make price comparisons when it comes to the items that you have been wanting to buy.

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