Belleek China: Precious Gifts For Loved Ones

There are people who love to give gifts. Nothing can make these people happier than seeing their friends or loved ones beam with happiness because of the gifts they have given them. If you are one of these people, then you must always be constantly on the lookout for new gift ideas. Because of the wealth of ideas now when it comes to gift items, there seem to be no shortage as to what you can buy to give a niece, a sister, or a lover. However, if you want to give something that is extra precious, then you might consider giving them an item that they can even bequeath to their sons and daughters someday like Belleek china.

Exquisite Belleek China Pieces to Treasure Forever

There are a great number of Belleek china pieces that you can give as gifts. However, if you really want your gift to be extra special then you might like to consider buying a Belleek Irish china item that would correspond to the personality or the preferences of the person you are going to give it to. If you have a friend who is very time conscious, then you could give her the Belleek Fine China Shandon Clock, which is shaped like a castle from Ireland. The timepiece of this clock is at the middle and is trimmed with gold. It has trellis windows and a domed roof as well as decorated with the traditional Irish hand-painted shamrocks.

If your mother, grandmother, aunt, or even your friend is religious, then there are religious Belleek china pieces as well and one of these is their Blessed Virgin Mary statue. This item is a great gift to give for birthdays or any other occasion that may have something to do with religion. Another beautiful religious Belleek Irish china item that you can give is the Belleek Celtic Wall Cross. This delicate piece of porcelain is decorated with the traditional shamrocks that have been painted by hand and features the basket weave pattern that is synonymous with the Belleek name. This Celtic cross is so precious that it can even become the centerpiece of the Belleek collection that your mother might leave for you and your siblings someday.

Going for More Expensive Belleek China

However, if these pieces are not the ones that you had in mind and you want to go for something more expensive, then you can also go for the limited edition pieces that Belleek comes up with every year. Three-handled mugs, Florentine pitchers, anniversary plates, and figurines, among others are among the limited pieces of Belleek Irish china that you can possibly give out as gifts. If you want to give something more unique and precious than these items, then the 2008 Limited Edition of the Figure of Erin must be in line with what you are looking for. Standing at 17.5 inches tall, there are just 20 pieces made of this $20,000-worth figurine and each one is a representation of a particular period in the history of Belleek Pottery. As such, it is said that these figurines celebrate the number of hands that have attributed to the success of Belleek since it was founded in 1857.

So if you are looking for precious gifts to give to your loved ones, there might be no better items for these than Belleek china pieces. Because they are available in both offline and online stores, you won’t have much difficulty in looking for the exact piece that your loved one might appreciate.

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