Belleek China: Perfection at Its Best

As diamonds and jewelry are every woman’s best friend, Belleek china is what every home should have.

Belleek china has an exquisite touch of uniqueness in each molded piece. Every attention to detail and each stroke of art enhance its face value and the originality of an Irish craftsmanship.

Its Humble Beginnings

It was during the 1800s in the Fermanagh Lakelands on the shore of Elbe River in Ireland where the unique minerals that gave Belleek Irish china its opalescent characteristic were discovered accidentally by a man named John Caldwell Bloomfield. This paved the way for the birth of Belleek china which eventually became the most famous pottery in Ireland. In 1857, the pottery’s founder, Bloomfield, declared that any piece with the slightest imperfection should be destroyed.

Ever since then, it has been one of the most sought after china collections in the world. The earliest pieces come with a creamy color with a touch of pearl-like luster. From tea set and dinner plates to vases, wedding souvenirs, and many more, they are handcrafted with intricate designs. The skills and designs were handed down from generation to generation, making it entirely one of a kind.

A Story in Every Belleek China

Each of the Belleek china porcelain pieces contains different stories, from its origin and history and how its uniqueness entwines with the lives of the people at present. Existing for more than 150 years, it has gone beyond just a piece that we look up to, usually perched high above the dining room behind glass cabinets. It is not just merely a collection, but it is a story of how things have evolved and how it still remains exquisite and a story of how it is made, complete with every detail and every ounce of time and effort poured trying to make each piece as perfect as the other.

It is not just about what it is. Every piece of Belleek china prides in stories shared within those times as women and families gather around the table, sipping tea from their Belleek Irish china, sitting and talking about how life turned out for everyone. The piece itself altogether has given and shared the stories and love of each and everyone gathered around. With each detail given as much importance to make sure it is not flawed, it is the icon of uttermost perfection.

At home, a spot, a table, or a corner would need a touch of perfection to make a Belleek Irish china as unique as the individual itself. The size or the number of the porcelain is not entirely what counts the most. It is what it symbolizes and the aura that it brings along that could make a difference in one’s home and to the whole being of a person.

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