Beijing And The Great Wall Of China

A vibrant tourist destination – Beijing is the capital city as well as the political, educational, and economic center of the People’s Republic of China. Located on the north western part of the North China Plain between the rivers: Yongding He and Wenyu He, Beijing is a lively as well as a thriving city, blessed with enchanting areas consisting of majestic mountains, rolling hills, and amazing plains.

Apart from these, the city has to its credit an astounding array of world-class tourist destinations, including incredible palaces, wonderful monuments, and incredible mausoleums. In this article, further elucidated are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Beijing.

Most prominent among the attractions of Beijing is undoubtedly the Great Wall of China, built more than 2,000 year ago by the first emperor of China – Qin Shi Huangdi. Stretching across the mountains of the northern China, the Great Wall of China holds the distinction of being the only man made structure visible from the moon.

It is also the world’s longest man made structure, with a length extending up to 5,000 km. According to certain records, it took centuries to complete the construction of this fabulous fortification; almost a period ranging from 3rd century BC to 17th century. Badaling is the most the visited among the sites of the Great Wall.

Another popular destination worth visiting in Beijing is the Forbidden City, which is alternatively known as the Forbidden Palace or the Palace Museum. Situated in the ancient city of Beijing, this marvelous spot once served as the imperial palace of the Ming and the Qing dynasties. Surrounded by royal gardens and with an area encompassing 720000 sq mt, the palace consists of more than 8000 buildings and 800 rooms.

In 1987, the UNESCO declared the palace as a World Heritage Site. The palace boasts of a large as well as a rare collection of ancient wooden structure, each of which throws light towards the interesting history of the country. Included in the attractions of the complex are Zhongnanhai, which now serves as the headquarters of the Communist Party of China; Beihai Park coupled with a beautiful lake and a great park; and Jingshan Park, sometimes referred to as Jing Shan or Coal Hill.

Equally marvelous is city’s highlights such as the Temple of Heaven – a complex containing a variety of Taoist building. One of the specialties of the temple is wonderful sounds produced from its different regions, like the Echo Wall, the Dialogue Stone, the Triple Sound Stone, and the Heaven’s Center Stone. The temple grounds also cover attractions like the Earthly Mount, the House of Heavenly Lord, and the Hall of Annual Prayer.

The city’s highlights also include Tiananmen Square, located in the center of modern China. With a capacity to hold up to 500,000 people, the square is credited be the largest public area in the world. Specialties, among many others, of the square are the Monument of the People’s Heroes and the Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao Zedong.

A visit to Beijing is incomplete without taking a tour to the Summer Palace – a 290-acre park which was once a summer recreation area of emperors. The palace is renowned for its ancient shrines, mansions, and pavilions.

Other sightseeing options in Beijing are the Central Business District – an area packed with high-end housing facilities and shopping malls, Beijing Zoo, Wangfujing Street, CCTV Tower, Ming Dynasty Tombs, Bell Tower and Drum Tower, Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian, Beijing Ancient Observatory, Beijing Botanical Garden, and the Beihai Park.

Above all, Beijing is a venue for a host of international activities, such as, the Asian Games, the World Women’s Congress, the International Entomological Conference, the Universal Postal Congress, and more.

Well linked by air, rail, and water, Beijing render superb accommodation options. Beijing has accommodation choices to cater to every category of vacationer, let it be a budget conscious traveler or one looking for luxurious options. Majority of the hotels and resorts are located within the heart of the city, and hence are within easy reach of almost all top tourist attractions.

Nowadays, many of the hotels, both budget and luxury accommodation, have their own sites on the web, which in turn enables the visitors to check price and room as well as make bookings in advance. There are also some hotels and resorts, providing packages inclusive of accommodation, dining, and facilities to explore the attractions of the place.

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Article Source: Beijing And The Great Wall Of China