Asian Wall Decor: Bringing A Bit of Asia to Your Homes

The Asian continent has always been a fascinating and mysterious world to a lot of people. Aside from it being the largest continent on Earth, it is also home to a many different kinds of people and culture. Asia is also gifted with an abundance of diverse wildlife, and its landscapes, ranging from snow-tipped mountains to rain forests, wide churning rivers to vast rice fields, and white-sand beaches to unbearably scorching deserts. Yes indeed, whenever one thinks of Asia, one would immediately conjure in his/her mind images of adventure, intrigue and beauty.

Let us say you have traveled to Asia and when you come back home, you want to reminisce all the good times you have there. Or maybe you have never been there, but you want to be able to see and show the world how you appreciate it from afar. Or let us just say you like anything Asian. And all this boils down to a problem of home decorating and how to depict Asia in your home. Well, there is one solution to that, and that is Asian wall decor.

As the culture of Asia is diverse, there can be a lot of options for the decorations. What you must keep in mind is that what aspect of the continent or of the culture you are trying to reflect in your interior designing.

If you go for natural, images or pictures of beautiful landscapes in Asia are a must. For a more authentic Asian look, you can also display traditional Asian art depicting mountains and landscapes. Suggested wallpapers should be of natural tones or of a more relaxed hue, as to exude the sensation of relaxation.

As Asia is a very large continent, it is also wise to concentrate on certain parts of Asia, not the continent as a whole. Different regions of the continent present different cultures, and specificity of your choice can also help you in easier shopping or decorating.

There are a variety of Asian cultures to choose from Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Southeast Asian, and so many others. I recommend browsing around stores that specifically cater to a specific culture. It also ensures lesser effort, money and time if you have a few certain stores to buy from.

Another aspect that can be looked at is the time period of your designs. You may opt for a more classical or ancient Asian look or you may also forgo with a more modernistic view or aspect of Asia.

Some decorations are more popular than others, so I would mention them. One is I have already said earlier, traditional Asian art. Japanese and Chinese art usually depicts mountains and everyday life of village people, while Hindi art usually reflects their strong belief in Hinduism.

Another important or popular wall decor are calligraphies. Calligraphies are writings of a certain language in its true form. It usually is classy to have calligraphy around the house. It is also wise for you to understand or at least know what it means, just in case a guest or friend asks. Talk about awkward when you fluster about not knowing what it means!

Another essential decoration, not just for walls, but for the house, is the lamp. Since you are going for a more Asian look, I suggest you also go for Asian wall lamps. Most popular forms of these kinds of lamps are those of the Chinese variety (the almost round, red lamps) and the Japanese variety (square or rectangular shaped held together by thick sticks). All these kinds of lamps are usually made of thin colored paper, giving a colored glow to your light, although there are now more modern versions of them nowadays.

There is still a variety to choose from. It is all up to what you find, and to how you want to design your wall.

So the next time you feel the urge to go Asian on your home, try to look for Asian wall decors, and you will always have a little bit of Asia in you home.

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Article Source: Asian Wall Decor: Bringing A Bit of Asia to Your Homes