Antique Religion Books, China – Buddha, Meditation Again

Antique religion books tell us Confucius felt there was no after life. Jesus and Buddha did. Since 1949, China has been a nation that is officially of no religion.

Yet modern China now is experiencing a rebirth of interest of a deeper sense of meaning in life. And this is happening in the more sophisticated cities on the coast where the new more wealthy people with more education and learning are incorporating Buddhism into their lives.

While the officially Communist government now ensures that a member of state corporations is a partner with each foreign corporation, thus taking the known ways of capitalism directly into their system. And soon automobiles that look very identical to a name brand American car is being sold for less with a cute twist on the American name model.

And the people that work in the factories and the people building new factories and power plants every week are working hard and earning more than they might ever have thought possible a decade or two ago.

And a fascinating series of events are occurring and the government and the system seem relaxed about this, in contrast to their previous persecution of a dreaded meditative group they saw as a danger.

Now the China that persecuted followers of Christ but began to accept followers of Buddha around the time of Christ,is seeing Buddha being discovered again. Many on the richer coast have security and steady jobs.

They also have more freedom and time to reflect. And many are finding they feel empty somehow, and are finding the meditative nature of Buddha as a calming way to feel at peace.

This is good news as the natural peaceful natures of Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha were both recognized as far back as the Mighty Khan. Mighty Khan had given a scroll for the Pope to Marco Polo. Marco knew the wish of the Khan was to have the Pope send one hundred missionaries.

Mighty Khan had heard that this holy man Jesus was known as the Prince of Peace. His people were restive under a Mongol ruler and needed a calming, passive religion that would allow them to put their faith in an after life so they could get on with their duties in this life with less complaint.

Alas, the old Pope was dying, it took the new Pope time to consider. His advise was to strike a committee, which they did: they met annually, for several years. Until news came that the Mighty Khan had tired of waiting and instead receive one hundred missionaries of Buddha, who the Khan knew also promised a passive faith.

And now this simmering faith that shows thin Buddha of India as a emperor sized belly who is fully of China. What matters is that those who find this inner spiritual process of meditation are less likely to take up arms, for now.

That must be a comfort for those inside the Forbidden Palace: so far no people of Buddha have taken up the sword to force others to their faith or slay them, as other faiths have done.

History has an amazing capacity to allow events to unfold in ways that Marco Polo would fully understand.

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Article Source: Antique Religion Books, China – Buddha, Meditation Again