An Introduction to the Best Beaches in Asia

Fine golden sand and crystal clear water; a perfect picture for a peaceful day, full of solitude or romance. For many, combining this is the ultimate in enjoyment. Add water to the mix for those with families, and the peace so hard to come by at home is assured as the children swim in the ocean or build sand castles, leaving parents alone to talk quietly while the children cavort. It’s hard to find this tranquil atmosphere at a beach, there are simply too many. The developed, commercialized beaches tend to lose their charm, so to beaches with a towel spread and an umbrella pitched at every few steps.

This is exactly what makes beaches in Asia more desirable than the overcrowded resort paradises advertised so heavily. The potential to stroll along pristine sand with no one around is a vision hard to let go of, and there are many beaches in Asia that allow this vision to come to light, and interestingly, there is no off season if you want a trip to Asia, there is a getaway spot for you in Thailand and Malaysia from November to February and there is no better time to visit Bali than June to August. The water is still unpolluted, clear blue, the landscape still beautiful and lush, but the chance of having a beach to yourself, or at least with much fewer interlopers on your personal paradise is much higher. This does not mean that there isn’t many hotels in Asia that are located near the amazing beaches.

To top things off, beaches in Asia give a sensation of a tropical island; complete with brightly colored parrots flying through the air, and monkeys chattering in the trees and swinging from branch to branch. Diving into the clear blue water of a lagoon is a depiction seen often in movies; the reality of actually doing so is attainable here, letting you live out fantasies uninterrupted by hoards of people milling about. Further fuelling this dream is the possibility of staying in a bungalow close to the water’s edge, or walking through lush vegetation to reach your destination.

The other side of the picture offers an array of shopping and dining experiences unique to the area. An added plus to Asian beaches is the opportunity to immerse in a different culture. Learning the history of the area with local tour guides, or exploring by yourself and letting the ebb and flow of the lives around you soak into your being. The serenity found cannot be beat, even by other areas sensationalized for their tranquillity.

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Article Source: An Introduction to the Best Beaches in Asia