All You Need to Know About Multiple Entry Business Visa to China

Some people are inclined to travel into China on a regular basis because of their jobs. It can become extremely frustrating trying to obtain a new Chinese visa for each and every trip. It is also expensive to do so. This is the benefits of getting a multiple entry visa. It is much easier to purchase one multiple entry visa than having to fill out a China visa application each time you plan on entering the country. A multiple entry permit is normally valid for at least six months.

There are a number of Chinese permit requirements that you must fill in order to qualify for a multiple entry visa. For starters, business people need to have once held a business visa while visiting China in the past. With a multiple business permit, it is possible for you to leave and enter China as many times as you need to during a one hundred and eighty day time period. You may stay in China for thirty days during each trip. You can also use the multiple entry permit to cover trips to non mainland provinces.

What you are going to be doing in China will also determine whether or not you qualify for a business visa. You must be engaging in business activities in China in order to obtain a Chinese business visa. This could include engaging in cultural exchange, lecturing or conducting an investigation. You may also qualify for a China business permit if you are a scientist, student, or technology who is going to be engaging in advanced coursework that isn’t going to last more than six months.

You will need a number of forms in order to qualify for a multiple entry visa. For starters, you will need a formal invitation from the Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry. The business or businesses that you are working with will have to require this from the government. After you have received an invitation, whether or not you will be issued a multiple entry visa will depend on the consulate. The individual submitting the application will also need to submit a passport that is going to be valid for six months and has at least one page blank.

People who were not born in the United States but plan on entering China from the United States will need to submit more information such as vital documentations such as a work permit or a green card that was issues in the United States. If you are a business person who was born in China but are living in the United States then you will need to provide your Chinese passport. After you have collected the required documents you should submit it to the Chinese consulate along with your finished visa application. You can also have a professional China visa service submit the documents and the application for you.

If you have close tired to Chinese businesses then you can be issued a single multiple entry visa that will remain valid for one to two years with just one China visa application and a tad bit more expensive fee than a single entry permit. This can save you a lot of money if you happen to have to travel back and forth to China on a regular basis.

Although it is a tad bit more expensive to purchase a multiple entry visa it is also very wise if you have to travel into China often. You will eliminate the need to fill out a China visa application each time you want to enter the country.

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