A Review Of The Invest In Asia HYIP Program

The Invest In Asia HYIP Program is another high risk business that we wanted to visit and see how they compare to other companies in the same industry. Keep in mind we aren’t condoning these websites by explaining that they are high risk ventures, we are only speaking the obvious which these businesses place similar information within their websites to warn individuals ahead of time.

The Company

The first thing we noticed is how flashy the Invest In Asia HYIP Program had made its website. There is a flash intro at the top of the page that is nice and shiny, kind of reminding us of a slot machine. This is a company that we’ve talked about before where they are over the two year infant stage and could be considered a reputable company as we move through their business.

We were impressed that they had a partial snippet of their About Us section as the first thing we read on their website. Then there is an opportunity from the Invest In Asia HYIP Program that provides a link giving you a chance the read the rest. You will also be able to find statistics that range from pay outs, investor stats, and more giving you a sense of whats going on within people’s deposits and withdrawals.

Money Programs

We love seeing these on the front page where there isn’t much searching and they feel there isn’t a need to hide anything. The Invest In Asia HYIP Program offers three separate programs that range from a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Daily plans range from 1.1%-1.9% returns, Weekly plan at 9.8%-12.8%, and the Monthly plan at 43%-61%. All offering a minimum amount of $10 and then more than $10,000.

The Invest In Asia HYIP Program also offers a referral program, but we were a little disappointed we couldn’t find any other information regarding it except on the home page in fine print at the bottom left hand corners of the money plans which state you receive 5% commission on referrals but it doesn’t say what for exactly, which pretty much left us hanging.

Overall Feedback

We still aren’t wavering at the fact that high risk is involved with any HYIP, and this includes the Invest In Asia HYIP Program. However, for those of you where this type of businesses is what you know, the overall benefit sounds decent. They invest in places like India, Thailand, and Berma so it’s different then other companies we’ve seen.

One thing we do think everyone should know is that we were a little confused on whether or not they accepted E-gold. On their news area, it says they don’t, but in their F.A.Q. it says they do and have a link to a free account so we’re not sure if they do or not yet. Be sure to check back with them to find out for yourself if that is an issue. In the meantime, you might find the business you’re after on the internet by looking into the Invest In Asia HYIP Program.

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